You will surely notice it too, dear readers.

Outside it gets uncomfortable, the leaves are falling, and Rilke's lines come to mind: “If you don't have a house now, you won't build one anymore.” Victoria and David Beckham should be relieved because son Brooklyn, 22, finally has a roof over the head.

Parents whose children are of the same age and who may be looking in vain for an apartment in a major German city for the winter semester 2021/22 need to be very strong now.

Because Brooklyn's place of residence, which he

 moves into

with his fiancée, the billionaire daughter Nicola Peltz, is

700 square meters

, according to 


, has five bedrooms and is located in Los Angeles' posh Bel Air district.

What is shiny there?

Perhaps that is a bit inappropriate, but anyone who knows their way around the world of celebrities is already asking the question, even with such a young happiness: Can this last? We are pensive that Prince Alexander zu Schaumburg-Lippe has now married for the third time at Bückeburg Castle, this time the concert pianist Mahkameh Navabi. He came up with eight witnesses, presumably for security reasons, so as not to fail again and one day possibly to set the Lothar-Matthäus-record (five divorces). It was in Bückeburg anyway, as we saw the photos in the 


 everything is so pompous that another wedding would mean financial ruin: wedding carriage, orchestra, six-tier cake, 300 guests, dress with XXL train. "The diamonds sparkled in the ballroom like little disco balls," cheered the 



Will the wedding bells ring soon for another noble family? Problem child Ernst August von Hannover, who was last noticed because of mob leashes in his Austrian country estate, seems to have gotten the curve, according to the news. In Madrid, he was spotted with a new companion, the Spanish artist Claudia Stilianopoulos, “not a bitch, but more than befitting”, the paper continues. Her father was a diplomat, the mother a banker's daughter and muse of Andy Warhol. Is your divorce from Caroline pending now? Allegedly, so the

current one

, the princess in Monaco reacted very unroyally, “even vulgar curses should be mentioned!” That, in turn, we can hardly imagine.

Maybe we are biased because scolding in French always sounds like ordering something to eat

: Quel connard méchant,

for example, means in German: "What a nasty A ...".

Shut up!

But if we are on the cursing are rather unglamorous the marriage proposal of singer Ed Sheeran came four years ago, therefore, he divulged now read in the 


: "It was raining like the sow, but because I had engraved the date in the ring, I had to do it that day. I knelt down and she replied, 'Is that a bloody joke?' "We just wonder if the couple found similar charmless words at the wedding later when things didn't go smoothly:" Shit, who's got the rings? " "Shut up in the last row!" "Faster, Pastor, I have to fucking go to the bathroom!"

But before the application is made, you have to get to know each other. We found the concept of “looking for a master”, as practiced

by Mrs.

Kim Fisher,

according to 


. To increase the hit rate, the presenter uses her wire-haired miniature dachshund Fritzi with "single frustration". “The two of them go on walks and excursions together,” it continues. “As a dog owner, you are very sociable,” adds Fisher with a wink. The need can't be that bad, however, because the paper sums up in the metaphor frenzy: "And until she finally has him on the leash, she feels 'dachshund at home' even as a single."

However, the role of dogs in establishing contacts should not be underestimated. In any case, this has worked for another couple who have now remarkably simply said yes in France: James Middleton and Alizée Thevenet, who wore the wedding dress of their mother-in-law Carole Middleton to save resources. Duchess Kate's brother met his lady of the love in an exclusive private members' club in London, but only because one fine day his dog Ella “went straight to Alizée”, as the 


 reports. As a thank you, Ella was allowed to sit with a bow at the registry office in Bormes-les-Mimosas, France, between the bridal couple and act as maid of honor.

Yes, you can be happy to have someone by your side in the cold season.

Rilke comes back to our minds: "If you are alone now, you will stay there for a long time." Our thoughts are with Florian Silbereisen, at 40 he is the eternal ex of Helene Fischer, who is starting off with a new album and a happy pregnancy these days.

Perhaps Silbereisen should get a wire-haired miniature dachshund.

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