In response to the cancellation of all exchange projects for former islanders visiting the four northern islands due to the influence of the new coronavirus, former islanders gathered at Cape Nosappu in Nemuro City, Hokkaido on the 17th, and a memorial service was held. ..

In response to the fact that all exchange projects with the four northern islands, such as "Northern Tomb Visit" and "Visaless Exchange", were canceled for the second consecutive year due to the influence of the new coronavirus, a group formed by former islanders held a memorial service. I planned it.

The memorial service was held at the Northern Territory Museum at Cape Nosappu, and 72 people including former islanders living in Nemuro gathered at the venue.

At the venue, Mr. Ryoichi Miyatani, the head of the Nemuro Branch of the Chishima Denmai Islands Residents' Federation, said, "I would like to deeply apologize for not being able to visit the grave that I have been doing for many years."

After that, each of the former islanders burned incense and put their hands on the altar.

Finally, everyone moved outdoors and joined hands toward the four islands in front of them.

Miyataniuchi said, "I'm relieved that I was able to alleviate the painful feelings and irritation that the former islanders had for the past two years. I'm working with the government to resume it next year. I want to. "

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