The good day galley… Saturday, a plane of the company EasyJet which was to connect Toulouse to Rennes was not able to land on the tarmac of the Breton capital.

The reason ?

A thick fog in which Rennes and its airport had been drowned since Friday evening.

The device turned for nearly forty minutes before turning around, reports France Bleu.

Unable to land, the pilot had to head south to land in Bordeaux.

After a one-hour stopover in Bordeaux, the plane finally took off again to land in Rennes around 2.15 p.m., a delay of five and fifteen.

A local radio reporter was on board the famous plane.

She notably met a family going to a wedding in the Rennes region.

The mother of the bride must have tried to delay the ceremony to arrive on time.

After reflection, the train, although not very competitive on this route, would have been faster for once.


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