China News Service, Zhuhai, October 17th, title: "This peace of mind is my hometown": Hong Kong and Macau University teachers live in Zhuhai

  Author Deng Yuanwen Yu Meixin

  As a pioneer in the cooperation between mainland China and Hong Kong, the Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC) located in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has attracted many outstanding teachers from Hong Kong and Macau.

On weekdays, these Hong Kong and Macao teachers use their professional expertise to expand their interests in Zhuhai and actively integrate into the work and life of the Greater Bay Area.

  On the 17th, reporters walked into UIC and listened to them talk about their connection with UIC and the Greater Bay Area.

  Feng Ruilong: Zhuhai has great potential for cultural development

  "Compared with the pace of life in Hong Kong, living in Zhuhai can achieve an ideal balance between work and life." said Dr. Feng Ruilong, associate professor of UIC Chinese Language and Culture Center in Hong Kong, China and deputy director of UIC Institute of Chinese Culture.

  Feng Ruilong, who joined UIC in 2009, has a strong research interest in Chinese culture and drama. In his spare time, he likes to go to Zhuhai's museums, bookstores, theaters and other places with strong cultural atmosphere.

He believes that although Zhuhai started late in the field of art and culture, it has great potential for development, especially after the concept of integration of the Greater Bay Area is put forward, Zhuhai will have more room for development.

  Feng Ruilong said that what impressed him was that due to the need for epidemic prevention, the neighboring cities have a feeling of "lips and teeth".

Many Hong Kong teachers, including him, do not have to travel back to Hong Kong to get the new crown vaccine at UIC.

"From then on, I deeply felt that I was a member of the Greater Bay Area," Feng Ruilong said.

  Liang Jinglie: In-depth study of social work in the Greater Bay Area

  Dr. Liang Ganglie, Assistant Professor of Social Work and Social Administration in Hong Kong, China, has worked in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities since 2006, and joined UIC in 2016.

Over the past decade or so, as his work and life have been on the right track, he has become more and more integrated into the life of the cities in the Greater Bay Area, starting a family here, getting married and having a daughter.

  "Some people may choose to study from the perspective of observers, but I hope to go deeper and communicate with locals to understand their true views." Liang Jinglie has been engaged in social work education and research, training, supervision and evaluation in the Mainland for many years. He also has extensive front-line social work experience.

He believes that being in the Greater Bay Area is more helpful for him to conduct academic research on how Hong Kong, Macao and the mainland interact.

  Dr. Liang said that there are currently some policies to encourage young people from Hong Kong and Macau to find employment and development in inland cities. However, policies need to be formulated from the perspective of cultural inheritance, so that talents in the Greater Bay Area have more opportunities for exchange and integration, and promote talents across regions. flow.

  Xu Minhua: Convenient transportation helps academic exchanges

  Dr. Xu Minhua, Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics in Hong Kong, China, has joined UIC for five years. She said that besides its international teaching model, she was attracted to UIC because of the beautiful and pleasant living environment in Zhuhai.

  Xu Minhua said that the country and schools have provided great support for scientific research and provided her with a good scientific research environment.

At the same time, Zhuhai's advantageous geographical location and traffic conditions also provide convenience for her cross-border exchanges and visits and participation in forums.

  Xu Minhua said that in the past five years, she has witnessed the development of Zhuhai and felt the development potential of the Greater Bay Area. She hopes to catch the train of the rapid development of the Greater Bay Area and achieve her own teaching and research goals at UIC.

  Ma Yishan: Use music to tap the potential of Zhuhai and Macao

  According to Dr. Ma Yishan, Assistant Professor of Music Performance in Macao, China, the establishment of the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao in-depth cooperation zone has broadened the living space of Macao residents and provided more employment opportunities. potential.

  Ma Yishan said that the convenient measures for customs clearance between Zhuhai and Macao, such as 24-hour customs clearance and one inspection between the two places, provided convenience for him to travel between Zhuhai and Macao. This is also in line with the future development of Hengqin and brings more to the residents of Zhuhai and Macao. Opportunity.

  Ma Yishan said that he chose to work at UIC not only because UIC is based in the Greater Bay Area, which has a geographical advantage, but also because UIC provides sufficient teaching resources for faculty and staff, so that teachers and students can have a good teaching and learning experience. He hopes to continue Contribute to the cultivation of talents in the Greater Bay Area.


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