After easing the precautionary measures, "Al-Haram Al-Makki" tops "Twitter": "Praise be to God for keeping the ranks close."

The hashtag #Al-Haram_Al-Makki was issued on the social networking site "Twitter", following the issuance of a decision by the Saudi authorities to ease the precautionary measures and the return of the Two Holy Mosques to receive pilgrims and visitors at their full capacity, as the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque began removing physical distancing stickers inside the mosque, its corridors, squares and facilities.

The tweeters on "Twitter" expressed their happiness with this decision, and their joy at seeing the worshipers in the Great Mosque of Mecca while performing the dawn prayer, today, for the first time since the easing of precautionary measures.

Tweeters found easing the precautionary measures in the Great Mosque of Mecca a glimmer of hope for life to return to normal and to get rid of the Corona epidemic, which has prevented many Muslims from performing Umrah since March 2020. forbidden".

Tweeters described today's dawn as "the different dawn" after the pilgrims returned to perform prayers while they were close in rows, and after removing the physical distancing stickers inside the mosque, one of them said: "Different dawn, the ranks rose and came together, and life returned, O God, praise be to you and to you the good praise ..".

For their part, tweeters circulated videos and photos of pilgrims standing next to each other to perform the dawn prayer, and commented on it: “Stand up, close the faults, establish your ranks,” describing these words as “the most beautiful words,” and that they longed to hear them from inside the Grand Mosque, and one of them said: After the days of longing and suffering... the comfort of the heart and the comfort of the eyes... straighten out, establish your rows and consolidate."

Umrah pilgrims align themselves with each other to perform the dawn prayer after easing the precautionary measures in the Grand Mosque.

Photo source: # Presidency of Two Holy Mosques # Emirates_Al-Youm

- Emirates Today (@emaratalyoum) October 17, 2021

It is noteworthy that this decision constituted good news for millions of Muslims around the world who have been deprived since March 2020 of the Umrah, which 5.8 million people performed during 2020, i.e. 69 percent less than 2019, according to official figures.

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