On October 16th, at the 9th Nanjing Jiangning Lake Ripe Chrysanthemum Exhibition with the theme of "The beautiful chrysanthemums accompany the old rice", nearly 400,000 1,661 species of chrysanthemums competed in brilliant colors, attracting many tourists to stop and admire.

  In autumn, the sea of ​​chrysanthemums blooms enthusiastically, the yellow is graceful and luxurious, and the golden light is brilliant; the red is passionate and dazzling; the white is clean and elegant, with light makeup.

The blossoming chrysanthemums have different shapes, including lotus-shaped, pine needle-shaped, and folded spherical shape. The petals are as smooth as jade, light as yarn, and white as juan. The flowers bloom beautifully, which makes the citizens and tourists pleasing to the eye.

  In addition to the colorful chrysanthemum exhibits, many chrysanthemum derivatives such as chrysanthemum lipstick and chrysanthemum facial mask were displayed in a concentrated manner.

Wang Haibin, associate professor of the College of Horticulture at Nanjing Agricultural University and related person in charge of the Hushu Chrysanthemum Base, introduced that 26 garden chrysanthemum varieties and 12 cut chrysanthemum varieties have been added this time, which have both ornamental and market value.

  (Reporter Ge Yong)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】

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