Karim Tassi, clothing, sobriety and magnificence

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Karim Tassi, fashion designer © Karim Tassi

By: Maria Afonso

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Karim Tassi is a fashion designer very sensitive to people, colors and time.

For about ten years, he has set up his workshop in Marrakech.

With his collections, he brings together traditions and modernity, the national and the international.

If his creations proudly wear the colors of Morocco, Karim Tassi wants them cosmopolitan and authentic so that everyone can wear them and be in harmony with themselves.   


If there is anything that will save us, it is creation.

 Karim Tassi, fashion designer based in Marrakech. 

Fortunately, we are creative in finding a solution as well as in imagining something beautiful.

I believe this is what makes us still exist today.

We are very creative.

We always want to create things that push us to go further.

But if we adapt, it would be a little better.


Karim Tassi Collection © Matthieu Waddel

Karim Tassi is a native of Casablanca, he studied fashion, training as a stylist.

He launched his eponymous brand and his first fashion show in 1999 at the Institut du monde arabe in Paris.

After living for ten years in the French capital, he returned to Morocco in 2009 to settle in Marrakech with a workshop and craftsmen.  

"In the past, for the present and forever" 

This designer likes to tell a story and stage life, through his collections.  

In my collections, there is this desire to be neither man nor woman, to be well, in harmony with oneself.

explains Karim Tassi.

Then there is the cultural side since I have always bathed between the East, which is a culture, all that is Islamic art and then the West.

When I say the West, it is the world because I have traveled a lot: Latin America, Asia, Australia, North America.

All this enriched me, therefore, I am someone who absorbs.

We are all carriers of our history, because it is immense.

In the past, for the present and forever.

I like a garment passes and remains



says the fashion designer.

Karim Tassi Collection © Matthieu Waddel

Fashion weaving ties 

According to Karim Tassi, fashion is a message of love and universal beauty.  

“When you are a creator, you have to be the bearer of a message that is not yet there.

It takes a lot of time, first to understand your own message and to succeed in conveying it so that afterwards people buy into it.

When, I see what happened with Kenzo or Versace, it was incredible!

Japan was introduced by Kenzo and today everyone eats sushi, wears flip flops and puts on a kimono just like Versace did when he made his Italian palates everywhere.

For me, they were huge locomotives


concludes Karim Tassi.

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