Yesterday (17th) was predicted to be cold, so I was prepared, but I was surprised because it was too cold than I expected. Even when I came out this morning, I felt the same chill as yesterday, but it seems to have softened a bit from daytime. By the way, there is another news of rain. Let's connect to the weather center to learn more about today's weather. 

Please give it to Ahn Su-jin Caster.

<Meteorological Caster Ahn Su-jin>

Instead of autumn leaves, a cold wave came to us a little earlier.

The cold will continue through this morning. The temperature will gradually rise from daytime.

Currently, the temperature in Seoul has dropped to 3.2 degrees Celsius. Daegwallyeong is so far below freezing.

Today, temperatures in most areas are starting below 5 degrees Celsius. With a little wind added to it, the real cold on the street is even colder than this.

The reason it's so cold is because there is a cold and dry high pressure in Korea. As this high pressure gradually goes down, the nature of the air changes to warmer air, and the temperature will rise from the daytime.

The daytime maximum temperature in Seoul is 15 degrees and Daegu is 18 degrees, and the temperature will rise by about 3-5 degrees compared to yesterday's daytime. In the morning, there are places where the temperature difference is more than 15 degrees, so you need to control your body temperature well.

The skies across the country will be mostly clear today. However, it will start raining in the Midwest from the afternoon, and it will rain in most areas tomorrow.

In particular, in the mountainous regions of Gangwon, where the temperature is low, rain may turn into snow.

The second cold wave will come on Wednesday as the rain stops tomorrow afternoon and a strong cold blows in again.

You must take good care of your health in the sudden temperature change.

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