Yesterday (17th), ice was observed in Seoul about 17 days earlier than usual. It is said that the cold will continue until this morning, and then gradually subside from the day. There is also rain news, but we will check the detailed weather by connecting to the weather center.

Please give it to Ahn Su-jin Caster.

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seems like you've been watching the trailer for a while over the weekend, right?

The cold will continue until this morning, and the temperature will gradually rise from the day.

Currently, the temperature in some inland and mountainous areas has fallen below freezing, and the temperature in Daegwallyeong has plummeted to minus 4 degrees Celsius.

Even though the temperature in Seoul is 3 degrees Celsius, it is slightly higher than yesterday, but the wind blows a little strong and the sensible temperature drops below 1 degree.

As the high pressure gradually moves to the south, its nature changes to warm air, and the temperature will gradually rise from the daytime.

Today's daytime temperature is 15 degrees in Seoul and 18 degrees in Daegu, and the temperature will be 3 to 5 degrees higher than yesterday.

As the temperature rises like this, there are places where the difference between morning and day temperatures is greater than 15 degrees.

The skies across the country will be mostly clear today, but it will rain in the metropolitan area and Gangwon area from the daytime, so it will fall in most areas tomorrow.

In the afternoon of tomorrow, after the rain has stopped, a strong cold will strike again, and the second cold wave will come on Wednesday and then the cold will continue for the time being.

You need to take good care of your health in the fluctuating temperature change.

(Meteorological Caster Ahn Su-jin)

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