• Stories The month under lava by geologist Stavros: "We men always look for volcanoes for their fertility, because they also create life"


lava tongues of


La Palma volcano

that advance around La Laguna, in Llanos de Aridane,

"can converge and reach the sea,"

as Rubén Fernández, spokesperson for the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan, said this Friday.

Monitoring of the

volcano's currently

most active


suggests that this would occur at a different point than the first delta.


The two lava fronts "can converge and reach the sea"

The Pevolca has reported late this Friday that the

two lava fronts that are advancing south of the La Laguna mountain

, in the municipality of Los

Llanos de Aridane

, and that they forced the eviction of all the residents of the neighborhood, they are tending to converge in a single wash and the forecast is that they can reach the sea.

Likewise, no new evacuations are planned in the short term.


A new mouth opens that emits ashes and pyroclasts


new eruptive mouth

has opened this Friday afternoon to the southeast of the main cone of

the Cumbre Vieja volcano

that is emitting

ash and pyroclasts

, as reported by the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan).

The provisional technical director of Pevolca,

Rubén Fernández

, has indicated in statements to Televisión Canaria that

it is a "normal process"

within the "complex eruptive process", for which he has sent a message of tranquility to the population.

Involcan has not yet confirmed whether the anomaly generated by the new eruptive mouth

is a pouring or falling of pyroclasts

, it has explained in a message published on the social network Twitter.

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