[Commentary] "Traveling in the Garden", "Thrilling Dreams", and "Looking for Dreams"... From October 13th to 15th, the 2021 Kunshan Double Ninth Festival and the First National University Kunqu Opera Performance will be held at the birthplace of Kunqu-Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province The town was unveiled. Students from 10 university Kunqu Opera clubs including Peking University, Fudan University and Tongji University performed the university version of "Peony Pavilion" in Qingli Kunqu Opera, allowing the ancient Kunqu Opera to show the voice of "youth" and contributing contemporary college students to the inheritance and protection of Kunqu Opera the power of.

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  [Explanation] Kunqu Opera is an ancient Chinese opera tune and genre, and is known as a treasure in the art of opera.

In 2001, Kunqu Opera was listed by UNESCO as the "Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity".

Since 2015, Bacheng Town has held 7 Chongyang Festivals in succession, attracting and training a large number of Kunqu fans, and has formed a good response in Kunqu Opera circles and cultural fields at home and abroad.

In order to allow Kunqu Opera to reach more young audiences, Bacheng Town and Peking University jointly formulated the "Bacheng·Peking University Kunqu Opera Inheritance Plan" and co-hosted the first National University Kunqu Opera Association Performance, which was performed from the perspective of young people. Different Kunqu Opera.

  [Concurrent] Wang Zhenhua, teacher of Hubei Institute of Technology

  Because of the special beauty of Kunqu Opera, it is called our "ancestor of a hundred operas".

When we learn other types of opera, we must first understand Kunqu Opera.

  [Explanation] Kunqu opera fan Wang Zhenhua told reporters that he is a teacher at Hubei Institute of Technology and has been in touch with traditional Chinese drama since he was a child.

With the passage of time, he has become fond of the traditional drama of Kunqu Opera.

  [Concurrent] Wang Zhenhua, teacher of Hubei Institute of Technology

  At the beginning, it was offered as a public elective course. Later we will do it as a compulsory course for music and dance majors. The students are still very benefited.

I studied art at the age of 6 and this year is exactly 20 years of my career (drama study career).

The feeling is very deep, and I hope my classmates can stick to this path like me, go further and go better.

  [Concurrent] Xu Xinyang, student of Hubei Institute of Technology

  I was involved in the "Drama on Campus" activity when I was in elementary school, and I learned about drama. When I was in college, I was very interested in this, so I joined the school club because I think Kunqu opera itself is very good. Midea, I want to inherit it better.

  [Explanation] During the Double Ninth Festival, Zhang Yunqi, a member of Peking University's Jingkun Club and a PhD student in the Department of Philosophy, and Kunqu enthusiasts showed the sound of Kunqu Opera in their eyes on the same stage.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Yunqi, a student of Peking University

  I have been hobbing Kunqu Opera since I was 9 years old. When I was a child, I felt that (Kunqu Opera) was beautiful. When I grew up, I was more able to appreciate the elegance of Kunqu Opera Chinese characters, the graceful figure, the beauty of singing and music, including its (Kun Opera) culture. The connotation and the accumulation of classical literature.

  [Explanation] As the birthplace of Kunqu Opera, Bacheng Town has vigorously promoted the construction of "Kunqu Opera Town" in recent years, actively creating Kunqu cultural carriers, introducing Kunqu cultural and creative industries, organizing Kunqu Opera brand activities, creating Kunqu Opera tourism routes, etc., giving Kunqu Opera a new style , Blooming new charm, forming new traffic.

  [Concurrent] Yang Shousong, Editor-in-Chief of "The History of Kunshan, Kunshan, China"

  Kunqu Opera must not only combine tradition, but also the preferences of the current young people, the aesthetic taste of young people, we have that responsibility, and have this responsibility, to do this Kunqu Opera well.

  【Explanation】Quyou Yaji, Bamboo Flute Salon, Guqin Yaji, Chongyang Chongyang Festival and many other events were also staged during the Chongyang Festival. With Kunqu Opera as the link, the "good voice" of Kunqu Opera was constantly amplified.

  Reporter Ge Yong reports from Suzhou, Jiangsu

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