After YouTube trends, soon to be a sales trend?

This Friday, Mcfly and Carlito unveiled the video for

Je scrolle

, a song presented as the first title of their future album.

“Think of this as an aperitif that precedes a feast that will delight you,” the two YouTubers write in the description of their video.

Available December 10, the disc is available now for pre-order.

In an interview with


, the videographers did not hide their intention to get into the music industry.

"We are planning to make an album, very strongly, which will give rise to a tour", announced Carlito a year ago.

Music videos with millions of views

Throughout their YouTube careers, Mcfly and Carlito have distinguished themselves in humorous clips.

Already at the time of the

Fat Show

, their show created in the early 2010s, the two friends linked parody clips or original songs.

Among their most popular titles: 

S vs L

(22 million views),

J'effectue le dab

(20 million views) or

Over-rated vs under-side

(9.5 million views).

Other clip, other dimensions.

Last February, the two YouTubers published

Je me souviens

, their song commissioned by Emmanuel Macron recalling the barrier gestures.

After reaching the symbolic level of ten million views in three days, Mcfly and Carlito were received by the President of the Republic at the Elysee Palace to shoot a competition of anecdotes.

Only one question remains unanswered: will Emmanuel Macron do the backing vocals for one of the songs on their album?


McFly and Carlito's first short film, an “incredible gift” for the e-Enfance association


Mbappé, Nollywood, Ultra Vomit ... The “highlights” of McFly and Carlito's video with Emmanuel Macron

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