A strange creature causes panic in the depths of the Red Sea.. Pictures


A strange creature appeared in the form of a tube without eyes, ears or mouth, which amazed and panicked divers in the depths of the Red Sea.

German diver Lukas Ostertag was one of the group that went underwater and saw the strange sea creature off the Egyptian coast, and the British newspaper "Mirror" quoted him as saying: "The strange creature is something like a rubber tube with a pointed end, I've never seen it before. No one knows what it is at first."

He added that this strange creature made him remember a fictional novel about a strange type of creature in the deep sea bent on destroying humanity, noting that he and his colleagues believed it was a thin-bodied organism related to anemones and jellyfish, or a strange marine worm.

He pointed out that he got an answer about the type of this creature when another group appeared that was diving in the same coral reefs, and said: "In the end we discovered that it was a jellyfish, and its arms may have been devoured by a sea turtle."

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