In Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, where the knife industry is thriving, the "Knife Festival", which had been canceled for the second consecutive year due to the effects of the new coronavirus, is being held for the first time in three years.

Seki City's "Knife Festival" was canceled due to the effects of a typhoon and the new coronavirus last year, but this time it will be held with infection control measures such as reducing the scale and restricting admission. became.

On the 16th, local cutlery shops lined up in the center of the city, and visitors put stickers on their clothes and masks to prove that they had measured the temperature, and then bought kitchen knives and scissors.

In addition, at the swordsmith in the city, a swordsmith in white costume showed the process of forging a Japanese sword by heating the steel that is the basis of the sword with fire or hitting it with a "tsuchi".

A woman in her 40s said, "I visited for the first time, but the sparks were beautiful and impressed. I hope these festivals will continue uninterrupted."

Seigo Niwa, chairman of the Sekiden Japanese Sword Training Technology Preservation Society, said, "I am grateful that the festival can be held again. I am happy as a swordsmith if the new corona converges and economic activities become active." I did.

The "Knife Festival" will be held at multiple venues in the center of Seki City on the 17th.

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