[Rural Revitalization] "Brother Sugarcane" who loves to make jokes: break a sweet road to riches

  [Explanation] When you mention sugarcane, people’s first impression is that it is widely planted in tropical and subtropical regions of southern China. However, Gao Jinjian, a young man born in the 90s, in Linzhang County, Hebei Province, has realized the "southern cane planting in the north", creating a sweet Road to riches.

Recently, in Gao Jinjian's sugarcane field, he and the workers are busy harvesting sugarcane.

Gao Jinjian said that he traveled to Guangxi five years ago and saw the local sugarcane, which gave birth to the idea of ​​introducing sugarcane to the north.

  [Concurrent] Gao Jinjian, a villager in Duchengying Village, Linzhang County, Hebei Province

  I have planted a lot of cash crops before, such as yam, watermelon, pepper, vegetables, etc. I have planted many varieties, and I haven't made much money.

After going to the South for investigation and research, (decided) to come here to plant (plant) sugarcane.

  [Explanation] Since the introduction of sugarcane planting in 2017, Gao Jinjian has been planting sugarcane for 4 years.

After continuous trial planting and improvement, he finally figured out a mature planting and management model, and realized the "south cane planting in the north".

Now he has more than 100 mu of sugarcane land with a yield of 4,000 to 5,000 plants per mu, and can sell up to 20,000 yuan per mu.

  [Concurrent] Gao Jinjian, a villager in Duchengying Village, Linzhang County, Hebei Province

  Through improvement, these two varieties of (sugarcane) suitable for our planting have a better taste and (sugarcane) grows well. They are suitable for our growth. Planting (sugarcane) starts in mid-March every year.

  [Explanation] Gao Jinjian said that when sugarcane was first sold, it was mainly offline sales, which was a single sales method.

In order to expand sales, Gao Jinjian began to make a video of the process of planting and selling sugarcane this year, and shared it on the live web platform, attracting surrounding people and merchants to check in and buy sugarcane here, which also broadened his sales channels.

  [Concurrent] Gao Jinjian, a villager in Duchengying Village, Linzhang County, Hebei Province

  (Our) sales channels are generally (to) nearby merchants and e-commerce (sales), through the Douyin platform to radiate the old iron (people) in the same city around Handan to come here to buy.

  [Explanation] Gao Jinjian said that with the increase in sugarcane planting area, he was too busy to work alone, so he hired more than 30 villagers locally, which also created job opportunities for local villagers and increased farmers' income.

Gao Jinjian told reporters that in the next step, he plans to teach sugarcane planting techniques and experience for free, so as to drive local people to get rich together.

  [Concurrent] Hu Lijiao, a villager in Lijia Village, Linzhang County, Hebei Province

  There are 3 acres of land, which is rented to the boss (Gao Jinjian), and it is more than 2000 yuan a year for rent. You can usually come here to do some work, and you can also pay 80 yuan (salary) a day. It is also close to home. Work better outside.

  [Concurrent] Gao Jinjian, a villager in Duchengying Village, Linzhang County, Hebei Province

  The workers who worked in my field this year saw that I planted this sugarcane to make money. They would like to join in planting sugarcane with me next year. I would like to teach them all my (sugarcane planting) skills and experience. , Do not reserve at all, increase their income, and drive them to earn money together.

  Chen Shiyu Guo Hongbin Feng Jing reports from Handan, Hebei

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]

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