Our reporter Li Xiazhi

  The major reality-themed drama "Meritorious" was created based on the deeds of the first eight "Republic Medal" winners. It landed on David TV before National Day. Douban scored 9.0 points and increased to 9.1 points in the mid-stream. Obtained a super high reputation in silence.

The first unit "Neng Wen Neng Wu Li Yannian" was praised by the audience and frequently appeared on the hot search lists on the Internet.

A few days ago, the chief director Zheng Xiaolong was interviewed and talked about creative thinking.

Chief director Zheng Xiaolong.

  The ideological and appreciative nature of the creation of major themes has reached a high degree of consistency. In the view of the chief director Zheng Xiaolong, this is derived from the direction determined by the main creative team from the beginning of the project, which is to insist on shooting the stories that the audience loves to see, and the era of shooting heroes. Demeanor.

"We don’t engage in that kind of pseudo-passion. We move people by shouting slogans, but we must move people through the creation of stories, plots, and characters. TV dramas are literary and artistic works that play the role of spring breeze and rain, so that the people love to watch and can see it. Emotional investment in these heroes means success," he said.

  Zheng Xiaolong said frankly that before receiving the project of "The Meritorious Service", his knowledge of these characters was similar to that of most people, and all came from reports in the field of mass communication.

After deciding to take up this project, he proposed this creative direction: "We hope to photograph these heroes as ordinary people. Before they succeed or make achievements, they are ordinary people. But they have their own. The various shining points of these people eventually led them to become meritorious figures. Only by digging out the extraordinary of these ordinary people and finding their bright moments can they truly convey the fundamental reason why the meritorious deeds are meritorious."

  "We have to use this drama to explain the reasons for these characters as meritorious works, so that the audience can see what the role models are like today." Zheng Xiaolong said bluntly that not all of the eight meritorious characters have famous achievements, like the grassroots of obscurity. Party member and cadre Zhang Fuqing, he also had military exploits, but he hid his fame deeply and was diligent throughout his life. His military exploits were not even known to his children.

It is this kind of Communist Party members who constitute the foundation of our party, and the state honor to such a person is our value orientation.

  "Meritorious" tells the deeds of 8 characters. Each character's story is presented in the form of a unit drama, and each unit drama is created by a different team of directors and screenwriters.

In addition to the chief director, Zheng Xiaolong also undertook the filming of the unit "Tu Youyou's Gift".

He bluntly said that for this kind of unit drama, the creative style of each director and screenwriter will be different, but everyone's basic creative principle is the same, which is to adopt realistic creative techniques.

Zheng Xiaolong said that realistic creation requires real life, logical and reasonableness, and serious treatment of common sense.

"Every director and screenwriter has his own ideas and styles. We respect differences. Directors can use interstitials, flashbacks, and flashbacks. Screenwriters can also use personalized script structures, but the realistic creative methods are unified requirements. The service, the scene, and the language of the characters must truly reflect the characteristics of that era."

  He gave an example. Some factual errors in some shootings will eventually be corrected. Whether it is repaired or corrected by technical means, or even retaken, it needs to be reflected in strict accordance with the real situation.

For example, when we wrote the script, we might write it casually. We wrote that a colonel officer got off the jeep in 1968, but in fact, our troops changed their outfits in 1965 and replaced them with only cadre uniforms and soldier uniforms. There is no military rank in the uniform of the officer.

This kind of trivial question requires the creators to open their eyes to find out, "Our entire creative team has always asked for the audience to like it, let the audience love to watch, and satisfy the audience. Sacrifice the quality of the work."

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