Symbols of the "squid game" suddenly appear on a British street... and the police clarified

British police got on the line after famous symbols in the "Squid Game" series appeared on one of the country's main streets.

And the British newspaper, "Daily Mail", said that a number of drivers questioned the reason behind these mysterious symbols "square, circle and triangle" in Berkshire County, while some believed that they lead to the "Squid Game".

These icons are identical to the figures that appeared in the series "The Squid Game", which is broadcast on the "Netflix" network.

However, British police quickly explained why these symbols were placed, saying that they are commonly used to guide drivers of heavy vehicles.

And she said in a tweet on her official account on Twitter: "Good evening everyone. This reference will not lead you to the famous Squid Game series."

She added, "They are just signs for drivers of heavy vehicles... showing them the diversion directions during road works."

The South Korean series achieved a resounding success worldwide when it was shown last month, achieving 111 million views for the first time in the history of Netflix.

The nine-episode series centers on cash-strapped contestants who compete to the death in a bid to win $38.31 million.

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