Comedian Oh Nami revealed that she got the nickname 'scammer' after filming a mask commercial.

On the MBC entertainment program 'Radio Star' broadcasted on the 13th, Oh Nami said, "Recently, I was selected as a model for a mask advertisement alongside actors Jo Jung Suk and Jang Nara. said.

Onami, who paid special attention to eye makeup when filming the advertisement, said, "These days, there is a new word called 'Mascoon (Mask scammer: a coined word that means wearing a mask to look prettier or cooler than your actual appearance)' "He showed me wearing a mask right in the studio.

All the cast members were surprised to see Onami wearing a mask, and praised it as "a visual that is as good as an actor".

MC Gook-jin Kim confessed, "Oh Na-mi and Kim Min-kyung came into the waiting room, but I couldn't recognize Onami because she was wearing a mask. Min-kyung was next to me, so I guessed it was Onami. I was so surprised."

Shin Bong-sun, who appeared as a guest while seeing Oh Na-mi satisfied, said, "When Nami wears a mask, she is really pretty. I thought the mask advertisement photo was taken with a photo editing app at first." "I'm the exact opposite of Oh Na-mi. Orthodontics and nose I had surgery, but wearing a mask only hides what I spent money on. I feel like I wasted my money."

(Photo = MBC 'Radio Star' broadcast screen capture)

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(SBS Entertainment News editor Jina Yoon)

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