China News Service, Beijing, October 14 (Reporter Li Jingze) On October 14, Beijing Journalists Association and Social Science Literature Publishing House jointly released the "Media Convergence Blue Book: China Media Convergence Development Report (2021)" (below) (Referred to as "Report").

The report pointed out that "video + socialization" is standing at the forefront of the industry.

  The report pointed out that "video + socialization" is standing at the forefront of the industry.

"No video, no spread."

A major feature of media convergence is the convergence from content to platform channels.

All media can produce text, graphics, audio and video, and can make the content audible and visible.

Video may not completely replace graphics and text, but it has become one of the main forms of the Internet.

  According to the report, in terms of video channels, "radio and television listening" and "network audio-visual" are gradually in a dual-peak state of confrontation.

In terms of video format, "long video" and "short video" each excel at winning games.

Due to the addition of the live broadcast, the players on the track have different styles.

  On the whole, the report believes that from 2020 to 2021, China's media integration and intelligence will continue to deepen.

The central-level media played a mainstay role in the integration of communication. Major thematic reports were not absent, and the main melody was even louder and stronger.

The gait of the provincial media is gradually calm, and the vitality is gradually bursting out.

The county-level Rong Media Center has left traces in the snow, and the construction of conditions is almost complete.

Various media have achieved steady growth in content, platform channel construction, and operation and management.

  The report shows that the current Chinese media integration presents new trends such as intelligence, ecology and localization. With the continuous strengthening of integration, the focus of media integration has changed from incremental expansion to more content expansion.

Enter a new stage of intelligent integration, ecological integration, and flexible integration.

  It is worth noting that the report stated that the coming era of intelligent media provides a major opportunity for traditional media to start again.

As long as you have a deep understanding of the nature of intelligent technology, a deep understanding of the current changes in news communication, a deep understanding of the challenges of the future communication industry, and a deep understanding of the impact of intelligent technology on the future society, traditional media will have the opportunity to stand on the same side as the Internet giants. Starting line.


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