Today (the 14th), the daily temperature difference will widen.

Unlike the chilly morning, the temperature will rise significantly as the sun shines, but this warmth will not last long.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, it will rain mainly south of Chungcheong, and cold air will come down following it. Accordingly, the temperature in Seoul on Sunday morning will drop by as much as 1 degree.

Sub-zero temperatures are expected in some central inland areas, so it is better to manage crops as well.

This is the current satellite image.

Clear skies are exposed all over the country, and the fog has cleared and the city is clean.

There will be a lot of clouds today, and there will be no rain forecast.

The daytime temperature will be a little lower than yesterday at 23 degrees in Seoul.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)

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