October 13, 2021

Mick Jagger is encrusted at a bachelorette party

Mick Jagger never ceases to appreciate incognito outings.

After posting a photo of himself sipping a beer quietly in a bar last week neither seen nor known, the Rolling Stones singer has taken the Grand Dukes tour ... starting with a bachelorette party in Nashville , Tennessee.

And on a pedal bar, moreover!

Carried away by her enthusiasm, the 78-year-old artist then, according to her own confidences on stage, reported by

USA Today

, sang

Honky Tonk Women

in a karaoke in Printers Alley and, with the band of girls who accompanied the bride-to-be, they finished at the Wild Beaver, for a rodeo on a mechanical bull.

Happy with his evening, Mick Jagger was pleased that his companions of an evening enjoyed his Goo Goo Cluster chocolate bars.

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Paul McCartney calls the Rolling Stones a "blues cover band"

After blaming the Beatles 'separation on John Lennon, Paul McCartney made it clear what he thinks of the Rolling Stones' musical contribution.

According to Sir Paul, The Rolling Stones are nothing more than a "blues cover band" as he told The

New Yorker

(picked up by the NME).

In contrast, according to Sir Paul, the Beatles have a "wider musical spectrum".

The war is therefore relaunched.


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