Louise Bernard with Alexis Patri 10:42 am, October 13, 2021

After the international success of the series "Lupine" of which he was the headliner, the Cesarized actor Omar Sy signs a contract with the streaming platform of films and series Netflix.

This agreement, which runs over several years, should lead to the production by Omar Sy of several original films for Netflix.

This is a first for a Frenchman, Omar Sy signs a contract for several years with the streaming platform for films and series Netflix.

The actor césarized for his role in


will produce, thanks to this agreement, several original films for Netflix.

Films in which he could also play.

The signing of this contract comes after a first collaboration between the French actor and the American platform.

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Back on Netflix in 2022

A very successful first collaboration: Omar Sy played Assane, the main role of the Netflix series



A fiction inspired by Maurice Leblanc's books which is one of Netflix's biggest hits.

The series participated in giving the actor international fame. 

Omar Sy will be back on Netflix in 2022 with a comedic action film, 

Tour de Force.

This is the sequel

of the film 

On the other side of the periphery

, released in theaters in 2012. It is still Laurent Laffite who will give the answer to Omar Sy in this sequel.

The actor of 

Lupine will 

find on this project Louis Leterrier, director of the successful series.

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