As autumn deepens, the temperature difference between morning and day is also large.

Even today (the 14th), there will be many places where the daily temperature difference is 10 degrees or more.

In Korea, the east wind is blowing from the edge of the high pressure located in the East Sea, and this east wind will raise the temperature as it crosses the Taebaek Mountains.

Currently, the temperature in Seoul is 17.4 degrees Celsius and the morning starts off cool.

In the daytime, the temperature in Seoul is expected to be 23 degrees, and in the southern region it will be mild, with the temperature in Busan rising to 26 degrees.

But autumn is short-lived, and the cold is quickly approaching.

Between Friday and Saturday, the morning temperature will drop to single digits after rain mainly in the south Chungcheong area, and inland areas may see sub-zero temperatures.

You'll need to take out your thick coat in advance.

On the way to work, beware of thick fog in the southern inland area.

(Meteorological Caster Ahn Su-jin)  

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