On October 11, in the waters near Nanri Island in Fujian, an engineering ship "Enterprise 6" broke its anchor chain due to strong winds and waves, and drifted out of control, leaving 42 people on board in danger.

Another ship "Golden Bay Queen" was also anchored in the waters near Changle Airport due to too much wind and waves, and 16 people were in danger.

After receiving the mission statement of the East China Sea Rescue Bureau, the Second Rescue Flying Team of the East China Sea dispatched twin helicopters to rescue 43 people, and the other 15 crew members decided to stay on board.

  Affected by typhoon No. 18 this year "Compass" and cold air, the maximum wind force in the Taiwan Strait was 10-11 and 12-14 gusts, and the wave height was 5 meters.

After arriving at the scene, the B-7346 helicopter hovered and transported the nine distressed crew members of the "Enterprise 6" ship and sent them to Fuzhou Changle Airport.

Another helicopter, the B-7345 crew, rescued 24 distressed crew members of the "Enterprise 6" ship in 3 sorties, and placed some of the rescued crew members on Meizhou Island. The remaining 9 crew members decided to stay behind on the "Enterprise 6" ship.

After the B-7346 crew provided supplies at Changle Airport, they continued to perform the rescue mission of the "Golden Bay Queen" round. The first flight had rescued 10 people, and the remaining 6 people decided to stay behind.

  (Li Siyuan Kangli video source Donghai Second Rescue Flying Team)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】