The coastal path of Saint-Briac will remain open!

So decided the administrative court of appeal of Nantes, which rejected Tuesday the appeals of rich residents.

They demanded the closure of the road, reopened by the prefect of Ille-et-Vilaine in 2015. A legal battle almost forty years old which may have ended on Tuesday.

"It's a great victory after a long battle," said Patrice Bauché, president of the Association des Amis des paths de Ronde in a press release.

"It is the battle of the clay pot against the iron pot, a local association facing wealthy landowners and political leaders," according to the association.

Seized for the second time of the question, the Council of State had referred the case to the court of appeal of Nantes in July 2020. In its judgment, the court considers that "the risks and dangers" invoked by the residents for cancel the decree "in any case only exist in the current state of the cliff" and that they can "be prevented by reinforcement work carried out during the development of the path".

John Kerry and a former minister ...

The court also considers that the swimming pool built by a local resident 20 years ago "without prior declaration" on the passage of the easement, "does not constitute an obstacle to the path of pedestrians", a passage having been arranged on the terrace of this pool. This path stems from the law of December 31, 1976 which sets the principle of a three-meter easement on private properties by the sea, so that hikers can pass through it.

A prefectural decree had been signed in 1982 to authorize this journey along the Emerald Coast.

But it had been canceled by the Council of State in 1988 for technicality, after the appeals of rich residents.

A new prefectural decree, taken in 2015, was also immediately attacked.

Among the applicants were in particular the heir of a large road transport company (domiciled in Panama) or the Forbes family, from which former US Secretary of State John Kerry and former Minister of the Environment Brice come. The Londe.


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