[Explanation] Every dish has its own ups and downs, and everyone has their own joys and sorrows.

In Chongqing, there is a young man whose wish is to spend ten years inviting 10,000 people to eat at home, make friends and share life stories through food.

  In the downtown area of ​​Yubei, Chongqing, a small world is hidden in a humble high-rise building.

On the terrace side of the second floor, there is a kitchen of more than 30 square meters. This is Hao Shuai's kitchen. 

  Hao Shuai grew up in the countryside, his father was a cook, and his mother opened a stewed vegetable shop in the town.

In their spare time, his parents will tell him some cooking skills.

Although the family is not wealthy, Hao Shuai's parents are very enthusiastic. Every time a friend comes to the house as a guest, they will take out all the skills at the bottom of the box and prepare a table full of meals to entertain the guests.

  Hao Shuai has been fascinated since childhood, and also likes food very much.

His dream was to be a host of a food show, to show the audience the global food and share the joy of tasting food.

  [Concurrent] Hao Shuai 

  In fact, since I was little to grow up, I have always liked to share food, because my father used to be a chef, and then my mother opened a stewed vegetable shop. She has been in business for 30 years.

Since I was a child, I have been living in a heap of food, nourished by food, and I often like to take a peek at my father’s food book. I think the pictures of cooking in the book are more attractive to me than those that are beyond words. Textbooks look better, so I liked food when I was a kid.

  [Explanation] Why it took ten years to invite 10,000 people to dinner at home? Hao Shuai said that there are two reasons: First, he was influenced by his parents' warm and hospitable character since he was a child, and he also wanted to make friends through food.

The second is due to an entrepreneurial failure at the end of 2019. He wants to heal himself through good food and at the same time heal those who have also suffered setbacks in life. 

  [Concurrent] Hao Shuai  

  I think I did this when I was at the bottom of my life. For me, I think it is actually very meaningful.

A lot of what I can see is the superficial meal, and I think that in every friend who comes to eat, I can find this power that allows me to rise again.

Let all those who come, they will feel relaxed, healed, warm, and feel at home in the space of Hao Shuai's kitchen.

  [Explanation] Hao Shuai initiated the "10,000 people meal plan registration form" on the WeChat public account, inviting interested people to sign up. The applicants need to fill in information such as occupation, favorite dishes, reasons for participation, stories about food, etc. .

  The people who come to Hao Shuai's home as guests come from all walks of life and have different experiences, including engineers, civil servants, doctors, designers, teachers and school students, etc., and their age ranges from "post-60s" to "post-00s". 

  [Concurrent] Guest Yang Han  

  Because I'm still a student, I'm still studying in the university, and a lot of experience is not rich enough.

The main purpose of my coming here is to listen to the stories of different people, to understand the life patterns of different people, as well as a rhythm of life and a way of their future lives.  

  [Explanation] At each dinner, Hao Shuai will set a theme, focusing on childhood, education, love, marriage and family, entrepreneurial stories and so on.

At each dinner, in addition to chef Hao Shuai making dishes, the guests will also bring their own food to share with friends, and everyone will have a chat and talk about life while eating.

  [Concurrent] Guest Zhang Xuejin 

  You may eat for the sake of eating when you usually eat, but today everyone here is really tasting the food itself, including the color, fragrance, and flavor.

Everyone has put time and effort into this food, and you may slow down and feel the slow pace of life, so you can pay more attention to the beauty of this life at this time. 

  [Commentary] Hao Shuai said that the deliciousness of a meal lies not only in the food, but also in the kind of people to taste with.

He transformed his kitchen into poetry and distant places, making friends during the meal, and reaping joy, touch and warmth during the meal.

  [Concurrent] Hao Shuai 

  I hope that Hao Shuai's kitchen will always be a home-like space, so that everyone will feel comfortable, warm, interesting and happy when they come.

Even for those few hours, having fun in this space makes me very content. 

  [Explanation] According to the plan, Hao Shuai will organize a party once a week. So far, he has invited nearly 2,000 guests to dinner at home.

Hao Shuai plans to spend 10 years inviting 10,000 people to eat at home, and record the touching stories in words, pictures, and videos, and then make a documentary or write a book.

Reporting from Chongqing by reporter Xiao Jiangchuan  

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】