Our reporter Hou Ming and Yang Zhe

  In late September, in front of the gate of "Xingangwan Home" in the epidemic-risk community in Beilin District, Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province, several volunteers in blue uniforms guarded them firmly, doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control as "goalkeepers" and for the common people. The "porters" who transported the materials-they are members of the Suihua City Love Passing Youth Volunteer Service Team.

  Among them, one of them is not tall and fat, and runs around the community from morning to night, picking up the walkie-talkie from time to time to instruct and dispatch, and his voice sounds a little hoarse...

  His name is Sun Lixin, an ordinary barbecue shop owner and the leader of the volunteer service team.

During the epidemic, he was responsible for guarding the community and commanding and dispatching volunteer teams.

  On October 10, local confirmed cases in Suihua City were cleared.

"Xin Gangwan Home" was reduced to low risk on October 8.

This is inseparable from the hard work of Sun Lixin and his fellow volunteers, who are using their actions to inspire more and more people to join the ranks of volunteer service.

  "Doing good deeds is addictive"

  Sun Lixin likes to tell people the story of "Bingtang Granny":

  There used to be a group of young people who set up a volunteer service team. They often went to nursing homes to visit widowed elderly people in their free time, helping them clean up their things, wash clothes, and chat with these lonely elderly people.

  One of the elderly people has a hard life.

Every time he saw these children coming over, the old man was very happy and took out a bag of things carefully wrapped in a handkerchief.

"Hurry up and wash your hands, good things for you!" the old man said.

  In the handkerchief is half a pack of rock candy, which is also the most precious snack for the elderly.

  Later, the old man passed away, and no one gave them rock candy as a treasure anymore.

Every time they saw Bingtang, they would think of this old man, so they called her "Bingtang Granny."

  Every time he finished speaking, this "tough guy" would burst into tears, and "Bingtang Granny" became the source of strength that strengthened his belief in "doing good deeds".

  Back in the days of the college entrance examination in 2014, I could see such a person on the streets of Suihua who looked unreliable: riding a big motorcycle with a cardboard-made sign on the body. "The examinee sits casually and takes you to death (northeast dialect, meaning to run hard)." After waiting for a few days, no examinee dared to sit on the motorcycle of this seemingly "sniffy" barbecue shop owner.

  These two images are overlapped and projected on the same person, forming Sun Lixin's "present" and "past".

  That year, when Sun Lixin saw the test car on the street, he wanted to do something good. He didn't expect that he would not be a teacher. He wondered: "Is it difficult to do good deeds?"

  He did not give up, and took the barbecue shop staff, pulled mineral water and fruit to the test site, and distributed it to the candidates for free.

There he saw a group of volunteers in red vests and red hats serving the candidates, and felt that "they look very formal."

He wanted to do good and couldn't find a way, so he immediately walked over and asked: "Can I join you?"

  "Of course, you can join as long as you are willing to do good deeds." "Red Vest" replied.

  Putting on the red vest and red hat, Sun Lixin straightened his waist: "I'm organized, and no one said I'm'irregular' this time."

  This group of "Red Vests" belonged to the Suihua City Love Passing Youth Volunteer Service Team. Less than half a year after joining the service team, Sun Lixin participated in 37 volunteer service activities and was named one of the "Top Ten Volunteers" by the team at the end of the year.

  In 2016, Sun Lixin hung a publicity board on the wall of the barbecue restaurant, which read: "I promise that I will donate one yuan per table from the turnover, and under the supervision of the Love Passing Volunteer Service Team, I will use it completely. To love charity activities."

  Going out to do so many volunteer services and doing so much work every year is still a matter of "losing money". Many people often laugh at him, "What are you doing? Isn't it good to lie at home?"

In the face of everyone's doubts, Sun Lixin firmly chose to continue to be a volunteer.

  Since joining the service team for more than 7 years, his efforts are obvious to all, and his teammates said that he "has delicious food to eat, and if he is guilty, he will be rushed to suffer."

A seemingly "unreliable" barbecue shop owner has become the backbone of the team, and his enthusiasm has been infecting people around him.

  During the epidemic prevention and control period at the beginning of this year, his wife and nephew accompanied volunteers at the gate of the community; his eldest brother cooked meals for the volunteers for several months; even his 7-year-old son shouted all day to volunteer To be a "superman" like my father and defeat the "monster" of the epidemic.

  "Doing good things seems to be addictive, and helping others is also very happy. My life is more fulfilling and colorful because of doing these things," Sun Lixin said.

  "Where we need it, we will go wherever we need it"

  "I'm ischemic again, what kind of type are missing? I will notify the team members immediately." Sun Lixin answered the call, asking for help from the blood station.

  "I have always been in good health. I hardly received injections, so I was confused when I saw the injections. My face was flushed and sweaty. It was too embarrassing." The "tough guy" was a little embarrassed when it came to donating blood.

In order not to be "ashamed" in front of other team members, he often went half an hour early. When the team members came over, he had already donated his blood and pretended to be innocent.

  Helping the elderly, helping students, helping the impoverished, popularizing the law, helping environmental protection, teaching the elderly to use smartphones... Sun Lixin and his companions are very "exclusive".

  "I don't think doing good can be confined to one thing or a few things. As long as it is more convenient for others, it is doing good." Sun Lixin said that their group of like-minded people can make this "good intentions" out of love. "Hame" keeps burning.

  In 2020, the sudden epidemic has changed the lives of many people.

For two consecutive years, Sun Lixin and his companions have been fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention and control, lighting up those difficult days with a "little light".

  During the epidemic in Wangkui County, Suihua City, at the beginning of this year, Sun Lixin, as the captain of the public welfare team of the Suihua City Love Passing Youth Volunteer Service Team, led more than 40 volunteers and used 16 vehicles to transport more than 800 people to the hospital every day on average. Become a life-saving "ferry boat".

  At that time, Sun Lixin and other volunteers blushed their eyes, cracked their skin, and were touched. Those moving moments have been cherished in their memories.

  In the early spring of 2020, due to the suspension of all public transportation, an elderly man in his 80s with severely ill children had to take his wife with uremia to a hospital more than 500 meters away for dialysis every day.

After Sun Lixin learned of this situation, he took on the task of sending the old couple to the hospital every day.

He said to the old man: "Look for me if you have anything in the future, you can still find me if you have anything after the epidemic has passed."

  One day, Sun Lixin didn't wear protective gloves in a hurry. When the old man pushed his wife into the car after dialysis, he secretly stuffed a black plastic bag into Sun Lixin's car.

  "Grandma, what are you doing?"

  "There are gloves inside, put them on quickly."

  These are the few pairs of gloves that the old man was afraid that Sun Lixin would be dangerous if he didn't wear protective gloves. Sun Lixin immediately burst into tears.

  The old man was worried that Sun Lixin would not eat well, so every time he brought him some small snacks from home.

"The situation in my grandma's house is not easy. She regards me as a grandson." Sun Lixin said.

  Fearing that volunteers would go hungry and send boxes of instant noodles, and dumplings would be sent to them "hot" as soon as they were out of the pot... These moments will make them unforgettable.

The kindness and gratitude between strangers has also become a light in the lives of those who want to warm others.

  "Through goodwill actions, the whole society will get better and better"

  In 2021, Sun Lixin had a "different" Spring Festival with more than 20 teammates.

  Due to the large number of pick-ups and drop-offs during the epidemic, this group of volunteers did not dare to go home during the Spring Festival. Sun Lixin’s barbecue restaurant became a “base” for volunteers, where they ate and lived every day.

There are not enough beds. Some people lie on a "bed" made up of several chairs, and sleep without taking off their clothes every day. The pictures of those "weird-shaped" sleeping positions become their unforgettable memories.

  "When the epidemic first started, we were very scared when we came out every day. We felt headaches, weakness, and worried about being infected according to the symptoms." Another team leader Wang Jingli said. It's over".

  Now, the volunteers of the service team are very comfortable with the work related to epidemic prevention and control.

Sun Lixin smiled and said: "I can't think of so much when I work, I don't know if I am afraid of it." His hands, which have been grilling meat skewers for 16 years, hold up the hope of many people during difficult times.

  The blue uniforms of the service team were printed with the same patterns in several places: the whole looked like a red and yellow heart, and a lot of hands were "hidden".

The meaning is "to hold hands together", holding up hope with a pair of hands, bringing people warmth.

  "Compared with professional volunteer service teams, we are still'primary school students', but we have been working hard to learn." Sun Lixin said that their next step is to set up a "special force" in a volunteer team to systematically learn swimming, water rescue, etc. Professional skills, "You can get on with something, and you can win when you get on."

  "Now we are fully supporting the fight against the epidemic. Some are on duty at the gates of the community to deliver supplies, some are guarded at traffic jams, and some are going to various places to kill. Although it is hard work and unpaid, we all feel that we are I have done my part for the society." Sun Lixin has no idea of ​​"high and big", he just wants to bring more people to join through his own kind actions, and make the whole society better and better.

  "I'm just an ordinary weed, but I believe that weeds can also welcome the bright sunshine." Sun Lixin said that after he is busy with epidemic prevention and control, he has to prepare for the reopening of the barbecue restaurant. At that time, he would grill "big skewers" in the restaurant. ", to welcome a better world of fireworks.

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