The Shanxi Provincial Government Information Office held a flood control and disaster relief press conference on October 12.

Wang Qirui, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Emergency Management Department of Shanxi Province, introduced the flood conditions and disasters. From October 2 to 7, Shanxi Province experienced the strongest autumn flood since meteorological records, and many places suffered long-term, wide-ranging, and intense rainfall. Weather, the province's average precipitation is 119 mm, and the largest precipitation is 285.2 mm in Daning County, Linfen.

Flooding occurred in 37 rivers in the province, and the operation of expressways, national and provincial trunk lines, and railways were affected to some extent.

1,757,100 people were affected in 76 counties (urban districts) in 11 cities in the province, 15 people died and 3 people were missing due to the disaster, 120,100 people were urgently transferred, and the direct economic loss was 5.029 billion yuan.

(Producing Le Xiaomin)

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