Lost 31.2 catties in 161 days!

41-year-old man with terminal cancer astounds the stage of bodybuilding competition

  On October 10th, in a bodybuilding competition in Wushan, Hangzhou, a contestant attracted the attention of many people.

He is an advanced cancer patient who has been fighting cancer for 7 years. In order to participate in the competition, he exercised while exercising and lost 31.2 kg in 161 days.

Netizens were moved by his inspirational stories.

A reporter from Ziniu Toutiao contacted the bodybuilding contestant Wang Wei.

He is 41 years old and is from Tonglu, Hangzhou.

He was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in 2014.

Because of his love for bodybuilding, he insisted on exercising after his illness and finally stood on the stage of bodybuilding competition.

  Speaking of the experience of participating in bodybuilding competitions, Wang Wei said: "I never thought about ranking. I know that there is a big difference in strength with professional athletes. I regard bodybuilding as a hobby. After walking around on the field, my wish is fulfilled. I also hope that my experience can inspire more cancer patients to face life with optimism."

  Ziniu News trainee reporter Yan Chunxu


  The bodybuilder is actually a terminal cancer patient.

  On October 10th, at the 2021 Hangzhou Wushan Seventh Fitness Championship, 41-year-old contestant Wang Wei received a lot of applause. This was his first time participating in an official bodybuilding competition.

1.8 meters tall, sturdy chest muscles, piercing eyes... This sturdy, shining man on the stage turned out to be a patient with advanced cancer. He has been fighting cancer for 7 years.

  The reporter learned that in this competition where nearly 200 fitness enthusiasts competed, Wang Wei participated in the men's fitness group C and men's and women's fitness mixed doubles, and won the fifth place in the mixed doubles.

After the game, Wang Wei happily told reporters: "Participating in the competition is not for the rankings, because there is a big gap between the strength of professional players and me. But I am very happy to successfully complete the competition, and my wish is fulfilled!"

  In April 2014, Wang Wei was found to have a lump on his spleen with a diameter of 3 cm.

Because there are so many blood vessels in the spleen, there is no way to perform a puncture operation, so the doctor advised him to observe for a period of time.

Unexpectedly, by the time of the re-examination in August, the diameter of the mass had reached 8 cm.

Wang Wei had to perform a spleen removal operation on the advice of a doctor.

The operation was relatively successful, but what was unexpected is that about 20 days after being discharged from the hospital, Wang Wei received a call from the hospital again, telling him that he was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma and needed chemotherapy.

  Ziniu Toutiao reporter saw from the pictures of the match scene sent by Wang Wei that although his body was painted with bodybuilding paint, the scars after abdominal surgery were still clearly visible.

  Accidentally diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, keep exercising during treatment

  Wang Wei told reporters that after learning of the diagnosis, he was particularly uncomfortable. “It feels like dreaming, because my body has always been good, and I don’t smoke or drink in my life. I feel terrified and my whole life has fallen to the bottom. ."

  Fortunately, his father comforted him, and his friends also persuaded him: "Take care, exercise your body, and make your body stronger." Under the persuasion of his father and friends, Wang Wei began to face reality.

In November, he received chemotherapy.

Because of the low immunity, he also contracted severe pneumonia during chemotherapy. "The pneumonia almost killed me. Fortunately, my family sent me to the Hangzhou Grand Hospital for emergency treatment. I was hospitalized for more than 20 days before the condition was brought under control. "In June 2015, Wang Wei ended his chemotherapy and his condition entered the maintenance treatment period.

But he had to take targeted drugs every 3 months, and it didn't end until 2017.

  Wang Wei told reporters that when he was in junior high school, he had a hobby of bodybuilding, and after illness, he paid more attention to exercise.

Therefore, although he suffers from a tumor, his physical condition has been relatively stable.

In order to continue his bodybuilding dream, he also passed the national second-level referee certificate.

  However, what Wang Wei did not expect was that during the reexamination in 2018, the doctor told him that his tumor had recurred and had entered an advanced stage. "I was not as nervous as the last time when I learned that the tumor had recurred. I may have looked away. I am. Continue my hobby and insist on going to the gym to exercise."

  In April of this year, when Wang Wei was having a meal with a group of friends who like bodybuilding, he talked about bodybuilding competitions again.

Wang Wei said to his friends: "It's very exciting to see you being able to participate in the competition. I always feel that it is a pity that I didn't play in the competition."

  After listening to his words, friends persuaded Wang Wei to go to the stadium to feel it.

But Wang Wei always thinks that there is too much difference between himself and the professional players.

"No problem, believe that you can, we will help you train." The friends continued to cheer for him.

With the persuasion and encouragement of his friends, Wang Wei had the idea of ​​standing in the bodybuilding arena, "This year, my physical condition is fairly stable. I want to give it a try because I don't know if I have a chance in the future."


  A short video of 31.2 kg weight loss in 161 days tells the story of anti-cancer

  In order to show the beauty of muscle power on the stage, Wang Wei devoted himself to training.

From the beginning of training to the official competition, he lost 31.2 pounds.

  "The process of preparing for the match was too hard." Wang Wei was full of emotion.

While preparing for the game, he is still undergoing treatment. He lives in Tonglu, Hangzhou, and goes to the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University every week.

Every time I finish taking the medicine, I will have a strong sense of discomfort, such as nausea and vomiting, elevated blood sugar and blood pressure, etc., as well as a strong sense of exhaustion. "The fingers are very dry and cracked, and they will continue to molt. So I always wear rubber during the game. Gloves, protect your fingers, because it hurts when you touch something."

  During the whole preparation period, Wang Wei was training hard, training for 2 to 3 hours each time.

After each training session, Wang Wei feels very tired, "But I don't want to give up. If I miss this opportunity, it will be difficult to participate in the competition in the future."

  Apart from the exhaustion of training, the biggest problem for Wang Wei is to control his diet.

He can’t eat high-oil and high-sugar foods. He needs to restrain his appetite. He only eats high-protein and low-fat light foods, and he must also control the amount. Good its calorie, protein content and carbon water content."

  Although the process was very laborious, when Wang Wei stepped barefoot on the wooden floor of the competition stage to show his training results, he felt that his pores were relaxed. "There is a special feeling of happiness. It's near and I feel very fulfilled." Wang Wei said, "The next plan is to cooperate well with the treatment and keep exercising. Although it will be difficult to step onto the stage again in the future, the exercise will continue."

  Wang Wei also told reporters that because of illness and hospitalization, he met many cancer patients. “I found that more young people have cancer, and a large part of the reason is that they don’t pay attention to diet and exercise. That’s why I was on the short video platform. I opened an account to tell my anti-cancer story, and I want to use my experience to encourage more cancer patients to adopt scientific methods to exercise, actively receive treatment, and face life."

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