Carlos Ghosn, a former chairman of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., who fled to Lebanon in the Middle East on bail and was internationally arranged, said in an independent interview with NHK, "Protecting himself in a criminal trial in Japan where more than 99% are guilty. I thought I couldn't do that, "he insisted on justifying the escape.






In addition, he said that he spends a lot of time with his wife and children about his current life in Lebanon, saying, "Fortunately, I am busy and living doing what I like. I'm a volunteer, write a book, and start some businesses. I'm proud to be a Lebanese and the majority of the people support me. I was talking.

Regarding former Chairman Ghosn, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office claims that it is an unreasonable and contrary fact, and will take all possible measures in cooperation with related organizations to bring him to a trial in Japan. I want to.