Jeddah astronomer: green and red flashes decorate the sky today

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The Astronomical Society in Jeddah announced that a star that flashes green and red will be observed this evening, in a phenomenon seen with the naked eye.

The head of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, Eng. Majed Abu Zahira, stated that the star is called “Al-Ayouq,” indicating that if a person was able to travel to it, he would find it to be two stars, both of which have almost the same surface temperature as the temperature of the sun.

He pointed out that the Al-Ayyuk star flashes red and green when it is low towards the horizon, because its light must pass through the atmosphere around the Earth before it reaches our eyes, so when an object is low in the sky, we look at it through a thick layer of the atmosphere, working on Refraction of starlight into colors like a prism does when sunlight passes through it.

Abu Zahira stated that the star, after it rises in the dome of the sky, the red and green flash will disappear, and the reason is that these colors are observed with the Al-Ayouq star because it is simply a bright star, as it is the sixth brightest star in the sky of the Earth, and to monitor the star, looking towards the northeastern horizon after eight o’clock in the evening In local time, the Al-Ayyuk star will appear in color and at midnight after it is high it will show its golden color.

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