• In recent years, the trend of bulk sales has gained momentum in Toulouse and throughout France.

  • A wine merchant decided to get started by selling spirits produced in France and selling them in bulk.

  • A way to be more ecological and also economical for this trained sommelier.

For several years now, people from Toulouse have decided to go without packaging. From cosmetics to cereals, some consumers have taken the fold of zero waste, whether by going to grocery stores specializing in bulk or by shopping at the naked Drive, the first online supermarket concept born in the Pink City. and where you collect your food in jars, including your meat.

A trend that is being emulated and has found an echo in the brand new wine cellar installed on Place Arnaud-Bernard.

Used to selling wine in bulk at the establishment where he previously worked, Julien Cazaubon decided to push the concept even further by offering the sale of spirits in bulk starting this week.

“It's ecological and economical and it meets a real expectation.

I collect the spirits directly in carboys from the producers, which means fewer bottles and therefore less transport and costs ”, explains the young wine merchant of Mr. Pépin, who was once a sommelier.

Returnable bottle and French spirits

To set his project to music, he had to create adapted furniture from A to Z, able to accommodate the famous demijohns, these large rounded carboys of thick glass. And canvass craft distillers ready to embark on the adventure by his side. Today, he sells organic gin from Aveyron, Armagnac from Gers or even pear brandy from Normandy. And he does not go through any wholesaler, preferring to deal directly with the producers, which allows him to offer these alcohols at attractive prices, but also in different quantities.

"It's nice to be able to choose the format, to take only a 35 cl bottle to taste", reacts a customer when Julien Cazaubon presents this possibility to him. This is one of the advantages of bulk, consumers can decide to take their spirits in a 35 cl, 50 cl or 70 cl bottle. When they make their first purchase, they will pay 4 euros for the deposit, and can bring it back, and fill it up again during their next visit.

“In itself, it is a service more than a concept and it allows people to discover products at attractive prices, cheaper than in the domain.

For example, the 75 cl bottle is sold here for 33 euros, or three euros less than at the producer, ”explains the wine merchant.

The latter has already received numerous calls from counterparts to discuss the concept, but also his 100% homemade furniture.


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