The 1,600 students of the Jeanne d'Albret high school, in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines), could soon see their canteen closed.

In question: a problem of recruiting qualified personnel for the preparation of meals, reports 

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, this Tuesday.

“Today, we work with three temporary cooks on four cooking positions at lunchtime.

Interim involves very short contracts, renewals… Sometimes, we do not know on Friday whether it will be renewed for Monday.

And above all, they are people who must be trained every time, ”regrets Catherine Mary, the principal of the establishment.

A situation that should improve

“We were received by the Île-de-France region on Friday October 1 in order to present our personnel problems in person.

No long-term solution has been offered to us again: no holder would be available, nor any contractor ”she adds.

Faced with this delicate situation, the establishment wished to inform families: if a lasting solution is not established by October 18, the canteen will close its doors.

This Monday, however, the region said that a full cook should be assigned to the school by next Monday.


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