For "check-up-type" fire-fighting products, it cannot be supervised

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  According to media reports, in recent days, many stores on the e-commerce platform have been criticized by China Fire Services for selling "fake fire sprinklers for inspection".

The hot sale of fake fire sprinklers on e-commerce platforms reflects the chaotic reality of the production, sales, and use of fake fire products.

This has trampled on the bottom line of fire safety and the bottom line of the law, and it is really bad in nature.

  What’s also bad is that merchants blatantly sell fake fire protection products; on the product evaluation page, there are also buyers showing "good reviews" given by users, but the relevant e-commerce platforms have left it alone.

  The quality of fire-fighting products is related to public safety. After a fire breaks out, if it is put out in time, the loss can be minimized.

The fire sprinklers and other facilities can automatically sense the fire situation at the first time, and spray water in time for rescue, which plays a very important role in grasping the rescue opportunity, eliminating hidden dangers, reducing accident hazards, and optimizing rescue effects.

If facilities such as fire sprinklers become "parallel imports", the fire facilities will lose control in the face of a fire, leading to serious consequences.

  The quality and performance of fire-fighting products are of great importance, and no fraud is allowed.

Products such as "check-in-hand" fake fire-fighting sprinklers do not meet the requirements of fire-fighting safety, and are commodities that are prohibited from trading by law.

The behavior of the above-mentioned businesses has been suspected of breaking the law and must be corrected in time.

  And this also shows that the "responsible for inspection" fire-fighting products have formed a chain of black production, which must be true.

Although after China's firefighting criticized by name, related e-commerce platforms have taken actions to search for keywords such as "responsible for inspection and firefighting", but this kind of shielding can easily leave blind spots, and some businesses are likely to change marketing for fake firefighting products. The label continues to be sold.

  This requires e-commerce platforms to take the main responsibility, use big data retrieval and complaint reporting channels and other means to strictly investigate relevant information, not only comprehensively shield inductive sales of counterfeit phrases, but also comprehensively shield substantive sales of counterfeit acts.

  The market supervision department should also strengthen the inspection and random inspection of the production of fire-fighting products and online and offline sales links, severely crack down on the manufacture and sale of counterfeit products, block the circulation chain of fake fire-fighting products, and purify the market environment.

The fire department should strictly check the acceptance of fire protection projects and strengthen the inspection of the use of fire protection products, so that fake fire protection products lose their living space.

  □Li Yingfeng (lawyer)

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