While the number of new infections with the new coronavirus is decreasing, a face-to-face joint company information session was held in Nara City for the first time in about three months, where students who are looking for a job and the company face each other directly.

At the company information session hosted by the Nara Labor Bureau, about 40 companies with offices in Nara Prefecture set up booths.

Face-to-face briefing sessions where students and companies meet face-to-face are said to be in high demand because the atmosphere of each other is easier to understand than remote, but due to the spread of the new corona infection, it will be held for the first time in about three months. have become.

At the venue, temperature is measured and disinfected at the reception, and infection control is continued to be thoroughly implemented, such as the installation of anti-flying panels at each booth.

The students who visited stopped by the booth of the company they were interested in, listened enthusiastically to the explanation of the person in charge, and asked questions on the spot.

A male student who participated said, "It's hard to ask if it's a remote briefing session, but I'm glad I heard that it was a face-to-face meeting. I was relieved that infection control measures were taken."

The person in charge of the exhibiting company said, "Students tend to decide to get a job at the company they actually came in contact with, so face-to-face is important in recruiting activities. I am grateful for this opportunity."

Yasushi Kojima, a company that planned a briefing session on behalf of the Nara Labor Bureau, said, "I would like to continue planning face-to-face briefing sessions that have needs while taking measures according to the infection situation of corona." Was there.