From defending the motherland to building the motherland, based on real characters

Deciphering the common DNA of "Changjin Lake" and "Red Years"

  West China Metropolis Daily-cover news reporter Zhou Qin

  On September 25, the original industrial epic TV series "Red Years" landed on CCTV-1. The three-line spirit of "good guys are three lines immediately" is inspiring.

On September 30, the film "Changjin Lake" with the background of the Battle of Changjin Lake in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea was released and sparked a movie-watching boom, breaking many records in Chinese film history.

  It is not accidental that the two main melody works have gained a lot of love, because they use real characters as prototypes to reproduce the hardships and difficulties of the past.

From the defense of the motherland in "Changjin Lake" to the building of the motherland in "The Red Years", the unremitting struggle of countless Chinese sons and daughters is rooted in their deep love for the motherland.

With the continued popularity and screening of these two works, this patriotism has also extended a sense of national pride and self-confidence, encouraging today's youth to continue their struggle.

  Based on real characters

  Show a group of flesh and blood characters

  Recently, the movie "Changjin Lake" set in the Battle of Changjin Lake during the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea has sparked an upsurge in viewing movies.

"Changjin Lake" is based on real characters. The film has made a lot of effort in shaping the image of the characters, making this war film look like flesh and blood.

On the other hand, "Red Years" is also based on real characters, showing the image of a third-line builder who is not afraid of difficulties.

  The screenwriter Lan Xiaolong wrote the original script of "Changjin Lake" with 130,000 words in 5 years.

He has created classic military film and television works such as "My Regiment Commander, My Regiment", "Soldiers Assault", and "The Line of Life and Death", and many netizens regard them as a guarantee of the quality of military works.

On the basis of respecting historical facts, the film created a series of characters represented by Wu Qianli and Wu Wanli.

On this basis, the grand background and historical figures were added, such as Yang Gensi, the first super hero in the War of Resistance Against U.S. Aid Korea and the Ice Sculpture Group of Heroes, which ultimately constituted the combination of art and historical figures.

  Ge Fei, the screenwriter of "Red Years", revealed that most of the characters in the play can find their prototypes in reality.

He started writing in 2011 and completed the fifth draft in 2014. During this period, he read almost 20 million words of relevant materials, interviewed more than 600 people face-to-face, and the interview notes totaled 1.2 million words.

During the interview, the roles of Xia Fangzhou, Qin Xiaodan, Qiao Jiali, Chen Guomin, and Ji Chenggang gradually emerged three-dimensionally.

  Regarding the importance of live characters, Chen Kaige once said in an interview: “If war movies cannot create characters that impress the audience, it is difficult to succeed. Because you don’t know why you are fighting and who you are fighting against. , The creator and the audience have no emotional sustenance. If there are no lively characters, no matter how many war scenes are shot, the audience may not care. Only when the audience feels that the characters in the movie are worth following, the war movie has meaning ."

  Mobilize thousands of people and find large-scale machinery and equipment

  The main cause is to overcome difficulties and get close to reality

  Faced with many difficulties during shooting, but tried every means to overcome them and complete the shooting with high quality, this is another common point of "Lake Changjin" and "Red Years".

  Mentioning the difficulty of shooting "Changjin Lake", Yu Dong described it as "difficulties and dangers".

When the film began to shoot, it was at a stage where the epidemic was just stabilizing, and everyone was unavoidably worried about the film market.

Yu Dong, chairman of Bona Pictures Group, said, “We have to spend money on every shot and every scene, because almost every scene in this battle needs to mobilize a filming team and the masses of more than 1,000 people. Actor. For example, the tank. The tank props we made can run. The tank is brand new when shooting'Incheon Landing', but it will be broken afterwards. The coordination is not good. Once the shooting sequence is wrong, the tank will be used. Gone."

  For Wang Wenjie, the director of "Red Years", how to show the big scenes of the "three-line construction" is the most difficult problem in filming.

At the beginning of the TV series, the cranes used by Chen Guomin and Xia Fangzhou on technical issues were not easy to come by. "Some large infrastructure facilities and equipment of that era are hard to find now." At that time, people were looking for large-scale equipment from the 1960s and 1970s from all over the country, and even the ones left in the studios were rented for use.

In the end, there will be a construction scene that everyone sees in full swing.

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