Affected by consecutive days of rainfall, at more than 10 am on October 11, the section of Wuguanyi Town on National Highway 244 in Liuba County suddenly collapsed. The collapsed mountains rushed out of the road and flooded into the river, causing traffic interruption.

It is preliminarily determined that the amount of landslide is about 96,000 cubic meters.

  Because of early discovery and early evacuation, the landslide did not cause casualties and property losses.

Nine households with 35 people in the surrounding area of ​​the landslide have been properly resettled.

As the landslide body is still unstable, the road section in this area has been closed, and the local area has carried out real-time dynamic monitoring of the landslide body and its surroundings to prevent secondary disasters.

The professional inspection force of Shaanxi Province is investigating the site and formulating a disposal plan.

  (Main station CCTV reporter Chen Wu and Xu Hui)

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