Until October 22, 1,500 students from thirteen middle and high schools in Cannes will be able to see these danced (and poetic) illustrations of the "health bubble" that the Covid-19 has instilled in lives.

For his project called

8 m3

, Michel Kelemenis mobilized with him seven other choreographers who had to create solos with constrained movements in a space of 4 m2 on the ground, i.e., for a moving individual, 8 m3.

Supported by the Cannes Dance Festival, scheduled from November 27 to December 12, this traveling show brings together Romain Bertet, Désiré Davids, Aurore Indaburu (interpreter of Michel Kelemenis), Sébastien Ly, Corinne Pontana, Ana Perez, Liam Warren and Alexandre Lesouef .

Dancing in a constrained space, "it's complicated, but above all interesting, it allows you to revisit your movements and the way of expressing yourself in another way", testified the dancer from Avignon to

20 Minutes


Movie theater

"When I'm happy, I vomit" ... Battle of cult replicas at the rehearsals of the giant Carioca in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival


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