[Explanation] Liaoning is the birthplace of Manchu, and Shenyang is the origin of Chinese cheongsam culture.

On October 12, an exhibition titled "Preservation of Fine Cheongsam and Manchu Costumes and Research and Innovation Achievements Exhibition" was exhibited at Wenshengyuan Art Museum in Laobei City, Shenyang.

As one of the important components of the 5th Shenyang Cheongsam Cultural Festival, this exhibition is the first to introduce exhibition items, displaying more than 300 pieces of fine art cheongsam and Manchu costumes.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Lei, Associate Professor and Curator of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts

  Because during our cheongsam making activities, including the process of making great awards, we saw many non-material inheritors, including some with more historical memorial significance, and some outstanding enterprises. We need to use static works for these works. The form allows viewers to watch at a closer distance, so we made such an exhibition presentation.

The design of the entire exhibition also combines the aesthetics of the three generations of old, middle and young.

Then, we also designed the history wall of our cheongsam culture and the history wall of Manchu culture that are helpful to the education of children or young people. Therefore, through such a comprehensive small and precise exhibition, we will present our 5th Shenyang Cheongsam Art Festival. Exhibition, or our attitude towards the public.

  [Explanation] Cheongsam, a traditional dress of Chinese women, is known as the quintessence of China and the national dress of women.

The exhibition site is like a cheongsam event.

Manchu traditional cheongsam, fine cheongsam from various periods of the Republic of China, Shanghai style cheongsam and modern improved cheongsam are all available, showing the changes and development of cheongsam culture.

According to Zhang Lei, many famous domestic cheongsam designers and inheritors of intangible culture are invited to participate in this exhibition. They bring their own designs, productions and collections to the scene to meet with the audience.

  [Concurrent] Gong Hangyu, founder and designer of Xiangdai Palace brand

  In today’s exhibition, I brought two pieces of ink and wash. This ink series actually participated in the UN exhibition. One of them was collected by the United Nations. So today is the other two pieces. It is a yin and yang piece of our ink. Or black and white, such a splash of ink, combined with embroidery and beading, is very freehand, using partial rendering to achieve such an effect.

  [Explanation] Gong Hangyu, who came to Shenyang for the second time to participate in the Cheongsam Cultural Festival, said that she found that there were many more local cheongsam brands in Shenyang this time. She was very happy to see the vigorous development of the cheongsam industry.

Gong Hangyu introduced that the lack of comfort, practicability and functionality of traditional cheongsam hindered the development of the industry. Therefore, she innovated and combined foreign fashion concepts, focused on the style, pattern and craftsmanship of cheongsam in design, and expanded the audience of cheongsam. Traditional crafts are used in modern lifestyles.

  [Concurrent] Gong Hangyu, founder and designer of Xiangdai Palace brand

  Because of the cheongsam, many people think that it is completely the product of the bottom of the box by the grandmother, or just worn by the wedding. I think this is a consumer audience.

But I think the more important inheritance and promotion of cheongsam requires more young people, or our cognizant, or high-tech women to drive and consume. Therefore, we have specially developed some of the cheongsam features. For example, a business cheongsam is to allow us white-collar workers to wear a business administrative outfit, like this, you can go to work, or even wear it to sign a contract. We said at the time that if you wear such a decent administrative outfit to sign The contract may have a higher success rate because of more self-confidence and distinctive features.

  [Explanation] At the scene, the third-generation successor of Zhang's costumes displayed the collection of official costumes and the production of queen court costumes, which attracted the attention of the audience.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Li, the third-generation inheritor of the traditional production skills of Zhang's costumes

  I brought these works, products and collections to better protect our cheongsam culture and the legacy left by our ancestors.

  Wang Yilin reports from Shenyang

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】