Solène Leroux 3:26 p.m., October 11, 2021

One of the greatest artists in France is celebrating his 70th birthday today.

Despite the years, he remains one of the favorite artists of the French.

In Europe Midi, Romain Desarbres receives Myriam Palomba, deputy director of the entertainment division of the CMI France + music group, to explain the Goldman phenomenon.


Everyone knows at least one of his songs.

Jean-Jacques Goldman is celebrating his 70th birthday today.

The opportunity for Myriam Palomba, deputy director of the entertainment division of the CMI France group, to review the success of one of the most adored singers of the French, while Télé 7 jours, one of the magazines of the CMI group, is released. a special special issue on the artist.

At the microphone of Romain Desarbres in Europe midi, she gives us some figures which give an idea of ​​the scale of the phenomenon.

"Ten times the favorite personality of the French"

He was "ten times the favorite personality of the French, it's a myth for many people" she recalls at the microphone of Romain Desarbres.

If his appearances are increasingly rare, Jean-Jacques Goldman is still popular.

"We see him today on Twitter: his birthday is in the top tweets", abounds Myriam Palomba on Europe 1.

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2 million euros in copyright per year, 30 million albums sold

A success which is also financial.

The songwriter collects two million euros in royalties per year.

An enormous sum, which Myriam Palomba explains in particular by radio broadcasts, numbering "80 to 90 per day".

"Jean-Jacques Goldman represents 275 songs written and more than 30 million albums sold", details the director.

His greatest success remains "When the Music is Good", but the best-selling album is "Between Light Gray and Dark Gray", with a circulation of 2.2 million copies.

We can no longer count the number of hits to his credit, from "When the music is good" to "I give you" through "I walk alone".

Jean-Jacques Goldman "at any age"

Who is listening to Jean-Jacques Goldman today?

According to Myriam Palomba: all generations.

"At any age, we still listen to Jean-Jacques Goldman," she says.

"Especially since young artists of French song have taken over some of his songs" such as Mr. Pokora, Amel Bent and Christophe Willem.

"The younger generations also know Jean-Jacques Goldman through these people," she says.