Would Guillaume Canet be a little jealous of the other directors who work with his wife?

The filmmaker and actor spoke in an interview for

Version Femina

on his relationship to the celebrity of Marion Cotillard and on his various collaborations with other directors.

While presenting his new film


, which hits theaters on October 27, Guillaume Canet confided that he had chosen to give one of the main roles to another director, Mathieu Kassovitz.

“I dreamed of another director to play this composer friend to whom his wife compares the hero.

It amused me because, when you live with an actress who talks a lot about other filmmakers in terms of "geniuses", you always have that touch of jealousy.

We wonder what esteem she has for our work, how she considers it, ”he said.

Big star

Marion Cotillard has indeed rubbed shoulders with some of the most legendary filmmakers of the past 20 years, filming with Christopher Nolan (

The Dark Knight Rises

), Steven Soderbergh (


), Jacques Audiard (

De Rouille et d'Os

), Ridley Scott (

A Great Year

), Tim Burton (

Big Fish

) or Woody Allen (

Midnight in Paris


For this new film, Guillaume Canet therefore decided to involve his wife in an unprecedented way for him: he simply recruited her as an artistic advisor.

“Marion's advice is very precious to me.

I also wanted to share this with her because I wasn't living well making this film so personal just on my side, ”he explained.

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