October 11, 2021

Christina Ricci remarried

Christina Ricci said yes to her partner Mark Hampton.


Addams Family


announced on Instagram that she had married the hairdresser for the second time.

“Monsieur and Madame”, she wrote in the caption of a photo where they both appear very smiling.

The news comes as the star revealed two months ago that she was pregnant with her boyfriend.

Christina Ricci is already the mother of a little Freddy, born in 2014 from her marriage to James Heedergen.

Paul McCartney claims John Lennon is responsible for breaking up The Beatles

Amber Heard celebrates her daughter's sixth month

"The best six months of my life, the first six of his", it was with these words that Amber Heard celebrated her daughter.

The star had announced, to her fans' surprise, that she had been a mom since April, leading some to speculate that she had resorted to a surrogate mother.

In the image she shared on Instagram, the star does not reveal the baby's face, but the


actress does

appear radiant, smiling broadly as she hugs her baby.


Amber Heard shares the first video of her daughter ... Estelle Denis congratulates her daughter who had a high grade in the Bac ...

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