Lee Da-young, a volleyball player who is known to have been married late, remarks about marriage a year ago on a TV show.

In August of last year, Da-young Lee appeared with her twin sister Jae-young Lee on the E-channel 'Playing Sister'.

Regarding the news of Kwak Min-jung, who was a figure skater at the time, getting married, Jae-young Lee expressed his envy, saying, "I saw it as an article. I was really envious. I also want to get married soon."

Dayoung Lee then shook her head, saying, "I never get married. It's the worst. Don't say anything terrible. Just thinking about it is ugly."

Afterwards, Dayoung Lee said, "Let's be quiet. I have the microphone on," as if feeling burdened that these words could appear on the air.

Previously, a media reported that Lee Da-young married Jo Mo in April 2018 and maintained their marriage for four months before they separated.

Cho is reportedly claiming that the reason for the divorce was Lee Da-young's domestic violence.

In response to this, Sejong, the legal representative for Lee Da-young, said, "As a prerequisite for divorce, Mr. Jo repeatedly made difficult economic demands, such as asking for the real estate that Da-young owned before marriage or asking for 500 million won." refuted the claim.

In response, Jo said, "If you add up the period of living with Da-young, it is about a year, and I paid the rent for the newlywed house, home appliances, and living expenses. Even after marriage, Da-young openly cheated on me several times, ignoring me, and consistently responded by saying, 'If you're unfair, you'll have an affair'."

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)