China News Service, Lanzhou, October 6th. Title: "Many stories in small towns" during the National Day holiday: niche scenic spots are becoming a popular place to check in

  China News Agency reporter Feng Zhijun

  The "farmhouse" is becoming more and more like a resort area. There are long lines in the red scenic spot, and pastoral picking experience the joy of harvest, calling friends and calling friends to drive around in autumn... This year's National Day holiday, compared with the traditionally popular tourist attractions, China Tier 5 cities have appeared in consumers' "emerging tourism vision", and the "fifth tier" has become a new way for tourists to explore tourism during long vacations, and the popularity of niche tours with few people and beautiful scenery has increased significantly.

  During the National Day holiday when epidemic prevention and control is not lax, intra-provincial tours, surrounding tours, and niche tours have become the main types of Chinese travel. The tourism market is sinking, and the popularity of niche cities is not as good as that of well-known tourist cities.

Niche destinations such as comprehensive resorts around cities, exquisite camping products, and urban cool fun experiences are becoming more and more popular among young tourists.

  According to the "Alibaba 2021 November Holiday Consumer Travel Trend Report" released on the 6th, this year's National Day holiday, local and surrounding tours within 3 hours of driving accounted for nearly 60% of travel orders.

In terms of travel modes, self-driving tours and RV tours are very popular. Self-driving tours have driven the sales of on-board electric rice cookers, camping and fishing products to increase significantly; country house orders have increased by over 560% month-on-month, among which orders initiated by "post-00s" have increased 400%.

  In the past few days, Wen Yu, a post-90s worker in Lanzhou, met with a number of friends and took his family to a deep mountain resort in Dingxi City, Gansu, more than 100 kilometers away.

After a patter of rain, the colorful flowers and trees are covered with crystal clear water drops, the rising mist "wanders" among the valleys, and the crisp and sweet sounds of birds are intertwined from far and near, and an endless stream of tourists shuttles. In the intoxicating autumn scenery, it feels like being in a "haven paradise".

  "After the new rain in the empty mountains, the weather is late for autumn." Wen Yu told a reporter from China News Agency on the 6th that outside the window is the natural beauty of lush vegetation and fragrant birds and flowers. Eating hot pot and chatting, the body and mind are happy in the laughter, and the tension and anxiety of weekdays work are also wiped out. "The longer you stay in the city, the more you enjoy this inner peace."

  The ancient Silk Road runs through the entire territory of Gansu, which winds about 1,600 kilometers from east to west. During the National Day holiday, the silk road scenery of "solitary smoke in the desert and the long river at sunset" is also popular. Red scenic spots such as the former site of the Red Army’s Huining Division are also gaining popularity.

  Ten thousand people visit Dunhuang Mingsha Mountain, the desert camel team becomes a long dragon; Zhangye Danxia landform, there is a long queue of tourists watching the sunrise at dawn; Jinta Populus euphratica forest is more than half of the huge passenger flow of self-driving tourists; Lanzhou Old Street, Yellow River Tower New tourist attractions such as night tours to the Yellow River are already overcrowded...For Gansu, which is densely populated with fifth-tier cities, various small tourist destinations with fake “sweet and pastry” are gradually growing, which are only the new fashion for inland city tourism. A miniature.

  The "2021 National Day Tourism Forecast Data Report" released by Ctrip shows that during the National Day Golden Week when epidemic prevention and control is upgraded and the surrounding travel trend is obvious, the proportion of bookings in fifth-tier cities this year has increased from 6% last year to 12% this year.

  "National Day takeaway orders in counties across the country have grown faster than large cities, and hot and sour potato shreds have become a favorite of the people." According to a public report on the 6th, the media said that during the National Day this year, traveling around China and returning home for the holiday became popular among the people, bringing it to small towns. A large number of people have stimulated the local food and beverage market.

According to data, during the National Day period, the county-level regional takeaway orders increased by 34.73% year-on-year, surpassing the top 10 cities in the country.

  "This has something to do with the explosion of niche tourism in recent years. I don't want to endure the crowded lines, I want to experience the hustle and bustle of the city, but I cannot do without the convenience of city life. The small county is indeed the most suitable for all kinds of conditions. Excellent solution." Some well-known bloggers said that especially under the influence of the digital economy in recent years, small counties have covered the platform economy such as scan code payment and takeaway, and the comfortable and convenient life. Who doesn't like it?