Let the "child from the stars" shine

  In Yichang, Hubei, there is a mother who has established special education schools for eighteen years with the fraternity of "children and children". She has accepted more than 3,000 autistic children from all over the country and helped more than 300 of them. Back to ordinary school.

  She is Ran Cunying, the principal of Yichang Boai Special Education School.

She said: "I want to open a window to let the sun shine in; I want to pave a way for happiness to come in. I want to hold on until I can't do it, and let the'child from the stars' shine."

Choice: From a desperate mother to a worried principal

  "Because I have a child with autism, my entire life trajectory has changed. There is no way to seek medical treatment, and there is no way to go to school." Recalling the hardships of taking the child to seek medical treatment in the past, Ran Cunying seemed very calm now.

  By accident, she became a different mother.

One day in December 1999, Ran Cunying discovered that her 6-year-old son was behaving abnormally.

Tell him not to, turn around, bark, and even hit himself on the head with his hands.

Sometimes, I still stay up all night.

  Therefore, Ran Cunying and her lover took their children to Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other big cities, where they sought treatment in hospitals. Some people said that Gua Sha is useful. They tried it, and they were scared to see the doctor. Said that there is an old man on a high mountain who can heal.

  On the bumpy consultation, Ran Cunying learned that her child had autism.

This is a kind of brain developmental disorder, which is mainly characterized by social communication barriers, communication barriers, and repetitive limited interest behaviors.

There is currently a lack of drugs for the core symptoms of autism.

  "Sometimes, when my son is sleeping next to him, I just look at him. I wonder if one day, a miracle will happen, and he will be fine." Ran Cunying said.

  House seemingly endless rain.

The child’s path to treatment is invisible, and the company where the couple work is facing restructuring.

For a while, Ran Cunying's lover also began not to speak, trying to close himself up.

The atmosphere at home is particularly low and depressing.

  Once, she hid in the bedroom alone and cried.

"Mom, what's the matter with you?" Ran Cunying felt that her head was touched, and looked up, it was her son who came in to comfort her.

  The lost "mother" rekindled hope for Ran Cunying.

She cried harder while holding the baby.

She also secretly made up her mind: "Son, mother has been smashing the pot and selling iron in her life, and she must heal you and help you."

  Autism cannot rely on injections and medicine, but can only rely on rehabilitation training and special education.

Ran Cunying's own child was diagnosed at the age of 6 and sought medical treatment for 4 years, but missed the best rehabilitation training period.

Reminiscent of the people and families who had the same illness that she met in the past few years, she decided to open a special school to help her son, and at the same time help more children like sons, and help more mothers like herself.

  Ran Cunying broke the boat, bid farewell to the original enterprise in the form of buying out the length of service, and devoted himself to the establishment of the special school.

  There is no money-she and her lover use money to buy off working years as a base, and then look around for money from relatives and friends.

Once borrowed, some relatives and friends were afraid to meet them.

  There is no venue-she found Li Guangjia, a good man in Yiling, and talked about her original intention of running a special school.

Li Guangjia generously took out a floor and a courtyard to facilitate her schooling.

  Without teachers-she taught herself psychology, special education, autism and other professional knowledge.

Inspired by her heart-to-heart fellowship, three more teachers were gathered.

  In 2003, Yichang Boai Special Education School was established.

At that time, Ran Cunying was not only a school purchaser, office clerk, but also a psychological counselor, trainer, and principal. He was always busy until the early hours of the morning.

  One decision changed the fate of Ran Cunying and also changed the fate of more people.

Seeking: From visiting homes and recruiting 3 students to more than 3000 children coming here

  "When the school first started, enrolling students was very difficult." Ran Cunying said that at the time, most people didn't know about autism, and some didn't think their children had it.

What's more, the school was founded and others didn't believe in you, so why entrust the child to you?

  Once, Ran Cunying and a teacher made another home visit.

I can't imagine, the parents were delayed because of something and were not at home.

For a while, the storm hit, and the two of them had nowhere to hide outside the house, and they were soaked.

After the parents came back, so moved, they sent the children over.

"So far I don't know if the parents deliberately inspected our sincerity at that time." Ran Cunying said with a smile.

  With 3 children and 4 teachers, Fraternity sets sail.

  "I will never forget a picture. A gray-haired grandfather with a broken arm, because he can't ride a bicycle, he always walks to pick up his grandson. On a stormy day, he is holding his grandson's hand, and his back is slowly coming home. Disappeared in the haze. I often use this to remind myself that I must use my life's energy to help this group and their families." Ran Cunying said frankly.

  Ran Cunying said that special education is a conscience-related cause.

School teachers use love to ignite hope, use patience to intervene in behavior, use carefulness to discover changes, use enthusiasm to resolve loneliness, use confidence to assume responsibility, and use perseverance to stick to the faith.

  The school hires doctors, professors and experts from Beijing Autistic Children Rehabilitation Association, Peking University Sixth Hospital, Three Gorges University, Nanjing Special Education College and other institutions and research institutes to form an advisory group.

Based on the individual situation of each child, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, tailor their clothes, and carry out rehabilitation training in stages such as basic learning skills, learning abilities, self-care abilities, and motor skills.

  The reporter walked into the AR Somatosensory Integration Capability Intelligent Rehabilitation Training Room and saw that there are not only immersive interactive large screens, but also 4D magic pen recreational interactive tables.

Relying on the AR Somatosensory Integration Ability Rehabilitation Training System, children face the screen to realize human-computer interaction, and can simulate various social scenes such as crossing the road, and complete actions such as running, jumping, squatting, climbing, waving, turning, and avoiding.

  "This is a special gift given by the Women's Federation of Yichang City during the Children's Day on June 1st this year." Ran Cunying said that the children liked it so much and the learning effect was very good.

  Ran Cunying still remembers the school's first "Rehabilitation Star" Xiongxiong.

When he was 4 years old, he still couldn't speak, didn't play with his friends, and walked and swayed.

After entering fraternity in 2005, Ran Cunying formulated a personalized rehabilitation plan for him.

In 8 months, he learned to eat independently with chopsticks, dress by himself, handle his urine and feces by himself, take the initiative to greet people, and be able to express his needs.

Eleven months later, the school held a farewell party for him, wearing big red flowers.

Later, the Xiongxiong family moved to Chengdu to live.

Because he likes Hubei, he was admitted to Wuhan University of Technology last year.

  In order to fight for public welfare funds and benefit more children, Ran Cunying made an amazing decision in 2012: to transform the school's nature into a private, non-enterprise unit.

This transition means that if you give up a large amount of investment in the previous period, you will not be able to enjoy the school surplus, and you can only receive your salary as an employee.

  In the 18 years of running the school, Boai Special School has become a three-level designated rehabilitation institution of the National, Hubei Province, and Yichang Disabled Persons’ Federation, and is also one of the 50 institutions supported by the China Disabled Persons’ Federation’s Autistic Children’s Rehabilitation Education Pilot Project.

The school has trained more than 3,000 special children and consulted tens of thousands of times for parents free of charge. After the intervention training, more than 300 people can study in the same class.

  As the work of special education continues to deepen, the issue of this group of children's "export" lingers in Ran Cunying's mind even more.

  Children who have recovered well can go to regular schools to study in regular classes through the transition of the "Rainbow Class"-the convergence and integration class.

Some children who have the ability to take care of themselves but can't independently seek jobs and earn a living are getting older and older. What can be done?

  In October 2014, the first demonstrative restaurant “Yuren Chopsticks Restaurant” for people with mental disabilities in Hubei Province was born in Yichang.

School children participate in the work of washing dishes, choosing dishes, washing dishes, and cleaning in the restaurant. At the same time, let them serve the guests tea and open the window of their integration with society.

Unfortunately, due to various reasons, the restaurant closed after more than two years of business.

  Although the restaurant is closed, Ran Cunying has been thinking about and exploring the issue of children's "survival exit".

Vision: From hard work to open a window, to concentrically prop up a piece of sky

  "Without everyone's fraternity, there would be no today's fraternity." Ran Cunying always remembered that it was the care and support of all sectors of society that allowed a group of autistic children and families to find a bridge and a world in fraternity.

  Ran Cunying said that the current party and government policies are very good, such as the Hubei Province Disabled Children's Rehabilitation Assistance Project, the Hubei Province Disabled Children's Family Living Subsidy Project, and the Yichang City Preschool Education Project. Children can apply for support.

"With the top-level design, our children will have a future."

  "My personal strength is too small. I just did a little bit and became what a mother should do." She said that over the years, countless caring people and caring companies have donated money and materials and went to school to carry out voluntary services. .

  "Hello everyone, it is really good." Ran Cunying never thinks that he has any business secrets to keep.

Peers are not enemies. Only when everyone is more professional can we help more special children and families.

  "April 2 is designated as'World Autism Awareness Day' every year. We have been doing social advocacy work so that the public can truly approach these children, respect, understand, and accept them." Right now, Ran Cunying is disabled in Yichang City. Under the guidance of the Human Rehabilitation Center, a series of popular science videos on autism were produced.

  Let love come, let hindrance go.

  In Ran Cunying's view, the integration of autistic people into society is a kind of integration with breadth and depth.

This is not only the fact that some individuals can earn a living through work, but also the acceptance of this group by the general public.

This acceptance is a kind of acceptance with love, just like parents accepting their children, regardless of whether they are healthy or excellent.

  According to Ran Cunying, the vocational rehabilitation of autistic patients is mainly divided into supported employment, assisted employment, and sheltered employment.

Fraternity chooses the most difficult supportive employment.

  At more than two o'clock in the afternoon on September 6, at the Yichang City Support Employment Training Base for the Disabled, Zhou Yan, the vice principal of Bo'ai, took more than a dozen "children" for physical training.

  "Just now the children greeted you and called you'uncles and aunts'. In fact, they are already in their 20s and 30s, but they are only a few years old in their minds. These children are very simple and very cute." Zhou Yan said, the base is also called'Sunshine Station' , Was founded by the Yichang Disabled Persons’ Federation, and Boai is responsible for the specific work of skills training and supportive employment.

Training programs such as hand-made, pastry baking, simulated supermarket, sanitation and cleaning, and simple cooking are opened here, and the training is carried out in groups according to the needs of the trainees and the results of the ability assessment.

  Zhou Yan introduced that Sunshine Inn has different themes and activities every month.

In the second week of September, as Charity Day and Teacher's Day are approaching, the theme focuses on dedication and love.

Some students even gave the teacher a picture, although it was just a few strokes of a flower, the teachers were still moved.

What makes Zhou Yan and the others proud is that some of the trainees at the base succeeded in finding jobs, watching jobs, trial jobs, on-the-job support, and subsidies.

  "My biggest ideal is to have a big campus where children can go to school for free. There are many places on the campus where you can do agricultural and industrial therapy, just like a paradise. Volunteers can take children to do various activities to help them integrate. Society." Ran Cunying's eyes were full of hope.

(Our reporter Xia Jing Zhang Rui, our correspondent Fan Hua)