At the Tokyo International Film Festival, the largest film festival in Asia that will start next month, a competition section will be held for the first time in two years to compete for the highest award. Two works, "Honestly, for the second time," were selected.

The Tokyo International Film Festival, the largest film festival in Asia, is celebrating its 34th anniversary, and last year the competition section, which had been canceled due to the corona sickness and could not call judges from overseas, will be resumed.

On the 28th, a press conference was held to announce the exhibited works, and at the beginning, actor Ai Hashimoto, who is an ambassador of the film festival, took the stage and said, "The culture of film has taken root deep in the ground of Japan, and life and life I want you to go inside. "

In the competition category, which competes for the highest award, 1533 works were submitted from 113 countries and regions, and 15 nominated works selected by the judging were announced.

Competition section Director Daigo Matsui's work

Two works were selected from Japan, of which Daigo Matsui's "I just remembered" depicts the six years from the encounter of a couple to the farewell, tracing back the birthday of a man every year. It's a love story.

Works by director Tadashi Nohara in the competition section

In addition, director Tadashi Nohara's "Third time, honesty" is a story about a woman who was wandering around the town of Kobe after being told goodbye by her partner, and met a young man with memory loss and lived together. It is a group image drama depicting the thoughts of the characters.

The Tokyo International Film Festival will be held from 30th to 8th November next month at venues such as Hibiya, Tokyo.