China News Service, Guangzhou, September 28 (Reporter Guo Jun) The reporter learned from the 14th China International Comics Festival that opened on the 28th that in recent years, a batch of "knowledge + comics" book sales have been a win-win situation.

According to online and offline animation book sales ranking data such as, Dangdang, Tmall and Sisyph Bookstore, knowledge comics and popular science animations have become the mainstream of Chinese animation publishing.

  Thanks to the strong support of the relevant departments of the Guangzhou Municipal Government for the animation industry over the years, the comic books produced in Guangzhou have accounted for 70% of the national market share, and are firmly in the leading position in the country, and the "Cai Zhizhong Collection of Guoxue Comics Series" and "If History" It's a group of cats", "Manga History Line Easy to Learn Ancient Chinese", "Cool Knowledge More Interesting than Knowledge" and other best-selling works that have long occupied the top ten positions on the list.

Science fiction comics add imagination to knowledge. Photo courtesy of the organizer

  In response to the prevailing trend of "knowledge comics", the China Cartoonists Conference, one of the main activities of the China International Comics Festival on September 28, was held in Guangzhou with the theme of "knowledge comics becoming the golden track of the industry?" The development status of the company has been analyzed in an all-round way, and suggestions are made for the innovation and integration of the industry.

On the day of the conference, the top creators of "knowledge comics" such as "If History is a Flock of Meows", "Half Hour Comics", "Manga History Line Easy to Learn Ancient Chinese" and other top-level "knowledge comics" made their first collective appearances.

  Dai Jianye, the editor-in-chief of "Manga History Line Easy to Learn Ancient Chinese", pointed out in his keynote speech that interpreting famous classics in the form of comics is a coup to make ancient texts interesting and easy to understand, and can enable traditional culture to be inherited in innovation.

In the era of fragmented reading on the Internet, the combination of comics and knowledge can not only cultivate young children's interest in learning ancient Chinese, but also help them develop a habit of high concentration and stimulate their rich imagination.

  "Hunzige" Chen Lei, who created the phenomenon-level IP "Hunzhi" and the ultra-popular book "Half Hour Comics" series, said that for knowledge comics, comics are just a means, and the core key is knowledge.

The reason why the "Half Hour Comics" series is popular is that it captures the readers’ "knowledge pain points" and uses down-to-earth comics to contextualize, visualize, and entertain the obscure content. This down-to-earth knowledge spreads Way is an inevitable choice for the development of the times.

Photo courtesy of the organizer of the "Knowledge Comic Creation Methodology" Roundtable Talk

  Li Yun, the producer of the "Liu Cixin Science Fiction Comics" series, believes that reading science fiction comics can help increase readers' knowledge of popular science.

Liu Cixin's sci-fi literary works add fantasy wings to knowledge, full of humanistic care and philosophical speculation, full of human yearning, thinking and awe of the universe and nature, and also conveying the brilliance and warmth of human nature.

  In the roundtable discussion session arranged by the organizing committee, Chen Lei, Li Yun and the main creator of "Cold Knowledge More Interesting than Knowledge" Hu Jian and other guests put forward many insights on the topic of "Knowledge Comic Creation Methodology".

The guests unanimously agreed that with the promotion of the national "double reduction" policy and the comprehensive development of quality education, comic practitioners have expanded new topics, materials and industrial development ideas.