Along with the start of the second semester of the university, the university in Kyoto City is calling on students to avoid the crowded state by installing a live camera in the eating and drinking space such as the cafeteria so that the congestion situation can be checked in real time. increase.

At many universities in Kyoto Prefecture, the second semester classes began from late September to early October, and at Kyoto Sangyo University in Kita-ku, Kyoto City, classes began on the 27th.

The university uses both online and face-to-face lessons to prevent the spread of infection, but in order to avoid crowding at restaurants, new live cameras have been installed in 10 cafeterias and cafe spaces on campus. , I made it possible to check the congestion status in real time.

From 11:30 am to 2:00 pm during lunch time, after processing so that individuals cannot be identified, live images are posted on the homepage, and students can now check the situation on their computers and smartphones. ..

In addition, on the 28th, staff members patrolled the cafeteria while holding a placard with the large word "silent meal" and called for refraining from eating while having a conversation.

A second-year female student said, "When it was crowded, I was worried about getting infected with corona. I think it's convenient to be able to see it easily and see how crowded it is."

Noriyuki Sugimori, Chief of the Student Affairs Department of Kyoto Sangyo University, said, "Despite the cancellation of the state of emergency, there is a risk of infection, so we would like to strengthen our efforts so that students can eat safely and securely."