As the Netflix drama 'Squid Game' gained worldwide popularity, actor Lee Jung-jae's past has been re-examined.

In 'Squid Game', Lee Jung-jae succeeded in acting transformation by realistically portraying the role of 'Sung Ki-hoon', a character different from his previous work.

Although he is already a star known for his excellent visuals and charisma to domestic viewers, foreign viewers who first got to know Lee Jung-jae through 'Squid Game' said, "In Korean dramas, I didn't play a handsome male lead, I only picked the role based on acting." ' he called.

When Korean netizens introduced, "Lee Jung-jae is already a famous middle-aged actor in Korea," in response to the reaction of overseas viewers, foreign viewers were very surprised and started looking for Lee Jung-jae's past appearances.

Since then, videos of Lee Jung-jae's Leeds days have been uploaded one after another on SNS such as TikTok with the hashtag '#leejungjae', and each uploaded video recorded a high number of views and got a hot response.

What foreign fans particularly admired was the appearance of Lee Jung-jae, who appeared in a drama in the 1990s.

In response, Netflix also posted on social media, "Look at people around the world! Our Jeong Jae-ri is originally like this! It's just that I've been acting like I'm lazy for a while!" and uploaded a video comparing Lee Jung-jae in 'Squid Game' and 'Contemplation' also did

Domestic netizens also commented, “Lee Jung-jae looks handsome even if he is wearing that outfit,” “Is there ‘New World’ on Netflix?

He is showing various reactions to the misunderstanding of foreign viewers about Lee Jung-jae.

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