Watch out, Tyler Rake will be back soon.

It was Chris Hemsworth, the performer of the eponymous Netflix film, who announced it to fans at Tudum, the online event hosted by the streaming service.

Directed by Sam Hargraves and released in early 2020, when the pandemic blocked many movie fans at home,

Tyler Rake

had been one of Netflix's biggest hits.

It seems that the development of a sequel was imposed quite naturally since according to

The Hollywood Reporter

, it was ordered very quickly after the release of the first opus.

Those who have seen

Tyler Rake

are no doubt wondering how a sequel can be considered when (SPOILER ALERT) the main character is supposed to be dead by the end of the film.

And even if certain elements of the story gave hope that he had made it out, nothing was guaranteed until the actor's announcement.


Still in production, Anthony and Joe Russo.

The latter will also be the author of the screenplay, based on the graphic novel



In the trailer shown during Tudum, Chris Hemsworth's character can be seen, hit by a bullet, at the bottom of the water, seemingly unconscious.

But his eyes snap open and as the hashtag #RakeLives (Rake Lives) burst onto the screen, the hero can be seen pushing one foot out of the water.

No release date has yet been confirmed, the only indication being a rather vague “Coming Soon” at the end of the trailer.


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